5 Reason Why Unlimited Internet is a Good Idea

unlimited internet

There was a time that the concept of unlimited data allowances was baffling and download unnecessary, and quite frankly, that time was not too long ago. However, the internet has become exponentially more advanced at a rate that very few could have predicted, and it’s quickly getting to the point where it’s the center of…

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5 ways: How to turn off laptop screen manually

how to turn off latop screen

There are several tips you can follow to improve battery life of your notebook or Netbook. Among these, turning off the screen of device, when you are not using it, stands in pivotal position. Suppose you are leaving for a smaller time but will return quite soon, you can just turn off LCD/LED screen of…

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Blu-ray Ripper & Tunes Cleaner Review & Giveaway

discount image

When compared to the traditional methods to store movies and music – discs and cassette – the digital form to store favorite your flicks and tracks is incredibly easy! Yet, it is the half of the story! On the other hand, the same process does become quite tedious, as the digital world always advocates complexities.…

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Wearable electronics – a multi-billion dollar industry


It’s already recognised as one of the fastest growing electronics markets on the planet, but a new survey by MarketsandMarkets has suggested that the wearable electronics industry could be worth an impressive $8billion by 2018. When you consider that wearables is a relatively new concept to the public, and that we are still in the…

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Edit your PDF files easily with iSkysoft PDF Editor

pdf editor

We are sure that you can’t find a file format like PDF, which could be accessed in most of operating system through corresponding software (free).  Yet, the bitter fact is that most people are not aware about the creation or editing of PDF documents, and especially the latter task. While you can create PDF documents…

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Tips to choose Best Mobile Broadband Plan

mobile broadband

In spite of the fact that several methods are available for internet access, such as broadband connection, Fiber-based connections and so on, mobile broadband seem to be suitable for the pivotal position. There are several reasons for the popularity of mobile broadband connections, but the main reason is indeed the portability of this method, which…

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