Which is Better Aakash 2 or Penta T-Pad IS701R? Why and How BSNL T-Pad IS701R is better than Aakash

We recently discussed many things about new and cheapest Indian Tab named Aakash Tablet. Now BSNL launched 3 new Tablets. One of them is tough competitor of Aakash Tab. Lets discuss how?

What is BSNL Penta T-Pad IS701R?

Penta T-Pad IS701R is newly announce cheap android 2.3 based Tablet similar to Aakash Tab. To read more see this post: How to Pre book Penta T-Pad IS701R L at 3499/- and get 3 month unlimited downloading



Penta T-PAD 701C Tablet: best alternative to Aakash tablet (Specifications)


Why and How BSNL Penta T-Pad IS701 is better than Aakash 2 Tablet?

We already discussed the specifications and possibilities of government announced Aakash 2 Tab also known as Ubislate 7.  But the newly launched BSNL Penta T-Pad IS701R can be better on the basis of following points:

1)      Processor: This is most considerable point with Aakash tab. Because Aakash 2 a.k.s. Ubislate 7 has processor of 700Mhz

2)      Inbuilt HDMI port: BSNL Penta T-Pad IS701R has inbuilt HDMI port. From that we can connect the output directly to LEC or LED monitors or anywhere HDMI port is supported.

3)      Inbuilt camera: Aakash Tab Don’t has any camera. But T-Pad IS701R has camera of 0.3 Mega Pixel. Off course this is not best but at least it has a camera.

4)      Full android market support: As compared with Ubislate 7 or Aakash Tab the Bsnl tab is fully android market supported. That means you can connect internet and download any application or game which is supported with the Tab.

5)      Greater screen resolution: Bsnl T pad IS701R has screen resolution of 800*600 as that of Aakash and Aakash 2 has 800*480. More the screen resolution more clear picture.

6)      Better gaming experience: T-Pad IS701R has G-Sensor which supports Rotator screen and 3D games. The best gaming experience can be obtained from this cheapest tab. Also it has Adode Flash 10.3 supported which is better. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRR-UrAiP_A[/youtube]

Recommended reading :


Apart from the above advantages over the it has some disadvantages too. Because, not a single thing in the world is perfect. The disadvantages as comparing with Aakash 2 are:

  • Battery
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Price
  • SIM slot

Etc. But according to design and specifications hope this tab will be most selling one in the market. And hope the new revision of this will be launch very soon in the market.

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  1. If Sim slot is not there ,how a bundled data plan from BSNL can be offered ?

  2. Does Low price bsnl tab support gprs or phone function

    • a BSNL 2G SIM comes bundled with the product with a special Penta Data plan. if the customer uses the special Penta 2G data plan for 12months, he can recover the entire cost of the tablet, making it “free” for the user.

      • hi tusar,

        Have you received the Tab.If yes then please let me know how to connect the inernent.They are not providing the 2G sim card now.I received the device without 2G sim card.This is missing. So think twice before booking this Tab.

  3. in the penta tab 701 r
    1. phone call??
    2. network mode – wi fi or gprs??
    pls help

  4. but the makers r saying dat phon call facility is available only in the other two models then how can we make phone calls in this is701r is it possible to insert an external sim in is701r plz answer

  5. the inbuilt sim is portbul to another network is available.it has phone facility & gprs connetivity is there or not. the sim works on gsm or cdma ..

    • Your thinking about the portability is cool. But I dont think so .Till now no official confirmation of GSM or CDMA

  6. is it support other network sim

  7. Sharukh Mohammed says:

    Does Aakask 2 Has GPS ?? Does It have a G-sensor??
    Does 701r Has GPS ?? Does It have a G-sensor??

    Aakash 2 Supports Android Market….. Does 701 ??

  8. are any more cheap tablets going to launch ? i buy this tab or aakash tab. i want to play games on it

    • If you want the TAb for gamming then go with BSNL tab because it has better processor, graphics memory, HDMI port, G sensor.

      And so Idea about any new tab launching

  9. i m a student and want the tab for internet usage, which tab should i buy?
    And how to get akash 2 ?

    • The answer depends on your requirement. If you want high speed and gaming experience then go with BSNL tab otherwise aakash. 🙂


    i have some question about Penta T-Pad IS701R?
    1.can we do a voice call with in bult 2g sim?
    2.which type of usb port it has ,can we connect pendrives to it,because akash tablet 2 has usb and we can connect the pen drive also.?
    3.which accessories i will get with Penta T-Pad IS701R.?
    4.can we use external dongles for internet.?(plug and play.)
    5 can we play hd videos in it.

    • 1)Yes you can.
      2)You can conect PD too like akash
      3)still under development so dont know about accessories
      4)It has android so you can surely. (No official confirmation yet)
      5)Yes you can it has better video memory than Aakash Tab


    hello tushar
    when i see the review of Penta T-Pad IS701R. i didnt see any usb slot but it has one slot .i didnt think we can connect pendrive to it.plz tell me about this .


    can i purchase it from market.

  13. have ever seen Nokia N8 ? we can connect PD to it even to a Nokia X2 . There is small adapter comes with it for USB connection. I haven’t the Penta T-Pad IS701R but that photo from the official link when you mouse over it on the site. Id you still confused you can go with Aakash Tab .. Thanx for the comments. Keep visiting the site for more updates.

    You are always welcome to comment here.. 🙂

  14. Camera options : which is best at2 or 701 compare the both.
    Does at2 and 701 have bluetooth .
    Will 3g sim work on at2
    can 701 play 1080p hd videos like at2
    Is android market accessible with both phones
    sorry for many questions still having a lot of queries.
    Under great confusion which one to buy…
    Pls repost here and forward the same to my email.

    • At2 dont have cam
      No bluetooth only wifi
      no 3g only 2G
      Not confirm about 1080p hd but surely video performance better than At2

  15. sir , I want to know that in the T-Pad IS701R With BSNL 2G SIM costing Rs 3499 , does it have gprs service because I don’t use internet with 3g …I prefer Gprs , So can I browse the internet in it with gprs with any bsnl internet pack (I don’t want high speeds because 3g plans are too expensive) ..also I don’t have a modem so wifi is no use to me …currently i’m using aircel with gprs …and my another question is that will the inbuilt bsnl sim will be prepaid or postpaid??? Please answer soon…

    • First I would like to thank you for reading my post and commenting 🙂

      Yes you can use the GPRS as there is no 3G support in the Tab.

      And the SIM will be prepaid . Although there is no official announcement for this but from specification and offer it will be prepaid for sure. 🙂

  16. thank you tushar for support.tushar please tell me can we download jar files or only software from android market.sorry for lot of questions.i want to buy the tab as far as possible.

  17. sir , i want to know the battery life of T-Pad IS701R With BSNL 2G SIM , how many hours it will sustain on normal browsing experience …like 3 hours or so ??

    • Battery capacity 3000mah.. you may can use it like normal phone rating. But downloads and continuous browsing will be 4-5 hours.

  18. Hi,
    if i bought the tab without the offer will i still get the inbuilt sim and acces to the internet by recharging it with internet vouchers……….? Pleaseee rply i need an answer coz i am looking forward to buy the tab.

    • I like the question. But extremely sorry I cant say any statement regarding this surely.I request you please contact them on this number and confirm it ..

      0120 4277731-32, 4308999, 6454613, 6456849, 6456870. In case you cannot get through the customer support number, please email us at customercare@pantel.in

  19. What if i buy the tab with the offer will i get the inbuild sim and after that can i recharge it with internet vouchers……….

  20. Abid Sibhai says:

    Hi Tushar..I have been reading ur posts and ur answers for the comments..U r doing a great work..!!
    I wanna know whether i can use 3G using a USB DONGLE in BSNL IS701R??…

  21. I booked both the tabs
    Both sent conformation codes
    Akash issue is under dispute that the datawind is not providing good services and a lot more about it and secondly the bsnl tab
    I tried to call,email but i havent got any answer
    i am eagerly waiting for the tabs
    I will buy any which will be available tell me if u know the launching dates
    on akash site its given that in april the tabs will be available

  22. Do not go for this Tabl.I received this tab without BSNL 2G sim and there is no Port to connect PenDrive directly.In Picture you can see a usb port available.But in real product it is missing.you will be cheated like me.I donot know what happend to 2G sim card.So be care full before booking this product.

  23. Lchandra says:

    Dear Tushar,

    Yesterday I got Penta IS701R in my hand by Gati Courier Agency.
    And I would like to share my experience with you.

    (1) It has no standard USB port so you can’t directly connect any USB drive.
    (2) It has mini USB port like in mobile phones.
    (3) Mini USB to USB connector is not given by company.
    (4) There is at all no slot for SIM card.
    (5) They are just bundling a BSNL card with IS701R to use it from a DONGLE. And for using Dongle(2G or 3G) you need a Mini USB to USB connector.
    (6) Wifi works only and only when you provide network SSID. This device doesn’t show any wifi signal till we provide network SSID. And how will you get SSID?? Question!!
    (7) Micro SD card is supported but there is no way to transfer files from Micro SD card to your Penta device.
    (8) I couldn’t find Ebook reader in device, neither there is any option from where i can access my PDF files from Micro SD card so I couldn’t access my pdf files from my card
    (9) I have been trying to access customer care numbers given on their website since two days but all numbers comes engaged or switched off. Worst CustomerCare in my opinion.
    (10) There is no manual on how to operate Penta device with the package.
    (11) Penta device is not recognized by PC so you cannot transfer your PC files directly to tablet’s memory or the micro sd card.

    Give me your feedback on this.
    Waiting for your reply.
    And plz mention these drawbacks of the device on your site clearly for every person out there.


    • Thank your for your kind reply and suggestion. But how you got the panta now? Still only prebooking I think.

      • Lchandra says:

        Dear Tushar,

        Pantel has already started delivering IS701R from 5th March 2012.
        I booked tablet on 28 Feb 2012 and got it yesterday.
        So it took around 30 days to receive the tablet.
        I had a booking ID around 2100+.
        Now they have more than 1 Lakh order already that’s why there is some delay in processing.But still they are conducting pre-booking.

        I had also booked Ubislate 7+ in the month of November 2011 but didn’t receive it till date.And their customer care don’t reply my query. They always send pre-written (template) answer in every mail.
        I think they are only cheating people.
        What do you say Tushar?

  24. Lchandra says:

    And one more thing, there is no HDMI port present in Penta IS701R.

  25. thanx a lot L chandra for your valuable info . i just got the pantel email to deposit the payment . since u have got your device , do you think its worth buying ?? and can we make phone calls from the device??

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Ram,

      I have already written my experiences with BSNL Penta Tab.
      But one thing is sure…..
      After installing your favorite android applications (media players, games, ebooks etc.) on Penta IS701R, you will get many features out of it.
      Then you will love it.
      I would recommend this tab surely for first time users.
      Its just under Rs.3500/- and you can’t expect a better price than this for a tablet.
      And sorry for replying very late.
      And for your second query…….No, you can not make calls from this tab as there is no SIM card slot in the phone. You’ll need a micro USB to standard USB connector to connect a 3G/2G Dongle with the device so that you can surf Internet.
      Hope your queries solved!!

  26. hey tushar ,what i am listning about penta IS701R .but in many videos they shows the hdmi port,usb port,.if it dosnt have i will cancel my booking of penta IS701R Mr Lchandra can you tell me the operiting system and touch of penta IS701R ,

  27. Ravindra says:

    I also got BSNL Penta IS701R on 3rd April…

    Lchandra is correct….
    Mini USB to USB connector is not given by company
    There is no HDMI port present in Penta IS701R.

    and I am unable to install apk from android market, sound quality is not good, and most important thing its showing only 116 MB RAM.

    Good thing is that it supports HD video, good resolution

    • Thanx a lot for your review.

      • Ravindra says:

        Hey Tushar,
        one more problem has been started…. whenever I try to turn on WI-FI, it automatically turns off within 10 sec.
        yesterday it was working very well, I am unable to solve this prob.
        Plz tell me any solution….

        • Well. Try to restart the device or try to remove and reinsert the battery. Hope this work if there is small software block problem. If not work then please try to contact the support by phone number.

          I think now I should write an article about disadvantages of Penta Tab. 🙁

          Feeling really bad about you. and Hope your problem will solve as early .

          • Ravindra says:

            Thanx Tushar for your tips, I have tried all the possible things, I also have done factory reset but still its not working 🙁
            I think now I have to go for service centre ….. really bad experience with this BSNL tab…..

          • Ohhh.. Thats really bad..

            Cant beleave Indain Tab have such a silly problems.. 🙁 hope that you will get good service. Dont forget to share your experiences.. I will post with your name. 🙂

        • Lchandra says:

          Dear Ravindra,

          Just check all your WIFI settings and then you’ll know where the fault is.
          There are many options.
          Perhaps you might have disabled the option of wifi.
          Look for yourself.
          If still facing the same problem then tell me.

          • Ravindra says:

            I have tried approx all possible thing…. but WI-FI is still not working…
            problem is – “whenever I try to turn on WI-FI, it automatically turns off within 10 sec.”

          • Manickam says:

            Dear LChandra and Tushar,

            I had a bad story and I would like your advice on the same. I havd received the device yesterday. I was able to to boot the device. But I was not able to download any of the Android Apps from Play Store and install on this device. It was giving the error as package is invalid. I was trying my remove earlier gmail ID with factory reset. After factory reset, It is not even booting and hangs in ANDRIOD_. It never goes to the UI at all. Is there any way to boot the device?
            Is there anywhere to get the advice or reinstall the entire OS?

            Really Appreciate any response on the same


        • davinder singh says:

          turn off ur divide first
          than hold back button press then press power buttton tab will go for the recovery mode then .
          restore settings and android will start .
          now ur wifi will work

          and doubts then ask me sodhitrm1985@gmail.com

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Ravindra,

      I had same concern earlier when i got this tab in my hand first time.
      Plz Install all your favorite Android applications from Micro SD card as i did.
      Search for adroid applications on google or on torrents and then save these .apk files on your micro SD card.
      Then you can install these applications in your penta tablet through micro SD card.
      Anything else??

      • Thanx a lot Lchandra for helping and replying here.. 🙂

      • Ravindra says:

        Hi Lchandra,
        Thanx for your valuable tips….
        Today I have tried to install apk file from my sd card but every time I am getting message “Application not installed”…. 🙁

        • Dear Ravindra,

          Perhaps you are new to ANDROID OS.

          Navigate to Menu >> Settings >> Applications >> and check/enable first option “Allow installation of non-Market applications”

          Now again go to Menu >> Apk Manager >> and click to install your favorite .apk applications.

          Now your problem will be solved.

          One thing from my side- I’ll suggest you to Install “ES File Explorer” first as this is a very simple file explorer to access all your files available on your tab and micro SD card then “PDF Viewer” for opening pdf files and in the last “Documents to Go” for opening .doc/.docx/.xls/.ppt/pdf files.

          Give me your feedback.

          • Hi Lchandra,
            Its already enabled….. but I am unable to install any type of file on my tab…

  28. Amit shukla says:

    how much time it took u to reach you pls say to me

    • Lchandra says:

      Around 30 days after booking.
      But now days it may be delayed as the booking has reached 1.5 lakhs orders already.

  29. hello Lchandra and tushar for supporting.i have some question,
    1. can we play hd videos in it
    2. can we transfer data through sd card,and pendrives by connecting it with the help of usb 2.o connector.
    3. when you get your tab what accessories would you get in package.
    4 is the touch screen is good .and how is the android os.
    5 can we play android games. Is g sensor working properly.
    6 from your experience .should i buy it,
    please help

    Lchandra and tushar please help me.

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Mohsin,

      Here are the answers of your questions-

      (1) Yes, you can play HD videos but Max.1280*720 videos only.

      (2) Yes, you can transfer your data through “micro SD card” and Pendrives with the USB connector.

      (3) The package includes 1 Penta Tablet, 1 battery charger (Adaptor) with USB cable for charging from PC/Laptop.

      (4) Touch screen is good. Android 2.3 version is latest and one of the best OS available in the market.

      (5) Yes you can play almost all Android games. But you need to check minimum RAM required for your favorite HD games( coz there is only DDR2 256MB in Penta tab).
      I play Touch_Pool_2D, Ridgeracer_o3,Pool master pro, Drag_Racing_1.1.15 etc. on my Penta tablet quite easily.
      G sensor works nicely most of the time but not always.I’ll say 50%-50%.

      (6) Definitely YES.

      Come on yaar, this is the cheapest tablet available in the market with great configuration in this price. So go for it and tell me your experiences.
      But don’t compare it with IPAD or any other high end tablet.

      Hope you are satisfied.

  30. Ravindra says:

    Plz provide me address of service centre for BSNL Penta tab in Chennai…..

  31. Hi…i booked penta tpad IS701 R on 12.04.2012…. Reason for booking this tab for playing high end graphical games only….iam game lover….so please guide me….this tab is suitable for all android apk games? Next is about touch screen…whether touch screen is high sensitive? Supports multi tapping? Give me answer for my question pls….

    • hello mohan
      you cant play java app.in this tab.

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Mohan,

      (1) If you booked this tablet only for high end graphical games then I would suggest you NOT to make payment as this tablet has only 256 MB RAM.

      (2) Yes, you can play android games which need below 256 MB RAM. So decide yourself which games you prefer by checking the minimum RAM & processor requirement for your games.

      (3) Touch screen is good.They are giving High Quality Resistive touch screen.

      (4) There is no need for multi tap as there is no mobile type keypad in IS701R.
      Pantel Technologies & Aakash have bypassed the need for multi tapping by incorporating a on-screen keyboard for users to type on. I don’t know why you asked this thing as here we are talking about touchscreen tablets only.

      I would suggest you to take a look at “Micromax Funbook Tablet (1.2 GHz processor, 512MB RAM) @ Rs.6499/- at http://www.saholic.com/all-tablets/10010 or HCL ME U1 (1GHz Processor,512MB RAM) @ Rs.7,999 /- from HCL website.
      These tabs will solve all your purpose.

      Hope you are satisfied.

  32. thank Lchandra.for the info.i will look fordword for micromax funbook.:)

  33. i got my micromax funbbok tablet in 4to5 working days
    hey friends go fo micromax funbook it’s verry cool.
    # 1.2 GHz Dual Core Cortex A8 Processor:)
    # – 512MB RAM
    # – Dual Mali 400 GPU
    # – Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
    # – HDMI
    # – VGA Camera
    # – 4GB On-Board Memory
    # – 2800mAh Battery
    also one usb 2. 0 connector and photon dongal free.with 1 gb data usage
    thank Lchandra.
    lamination cover
    you can also connect vpn ,eithernet,and dongles.it’s androi d os also supper.it also have a google gps navigation exact location.service free.
    hdmi 3.5 mm jack
    it also support java and more.

    it can play almost all types of videos .
    priceRs 6500.mrpRs 6499.for more info plz reply

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Mohsin,

      Thanks for appreciating my efforts.
      As i already mentioned in my previous review that “Micromax Funbook Tablet” is one of the best tablets available in the market in this price range.
      Congrats on purchasing this tablet.

  34. ANIKET JOSHI says:

    I Have received my T-PAD IS 701R, as i dont have any WIFI around ma area how do i connect to internet???
    How would i know if ma T-PAD has built-in BSNL sim.
    And How do i connect to internet using that built-in sim.

    • I dont own this tab but i believe you should take it to a bsnl center for activation.
      Check this page-
      http://www.pantel.in/product34-tpad_is701r_with_bsnl.aspx under the specifications tab it says “Activation to be done at a BSNL franchise store in your area (Specially available on the bundle SIM card only)” at the bottom of the page.
      Try taking it to a bsnl tab
      Hope it works
      BTW aniket, does this device really have a usb and hdmi port

  35. mohsin says:

    no yar id doesnot have any usb port and hdmi port,go for micromax funbook yar its prety good with android 4 ice

  36. Hi Friends,

    Those who have received Penta Iso701r can please answer my few questions :

    1. Can we do voice calls with inbuilt sim?
    2. Do we have to buy bsnl dongle as well for internet?
    3. What will be the call plans or sim type : postpaid or prepaid?
    4. If we can do calls does it have a phonebook too?


    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Vineet,

      Here are the answers of your queries-

      (1) No, you can’t make calls with this tab.

      (2) Yes, you need to buy any 2g/3G dongle for using internet.
      Working Dongle list for IS701R- (http://www.pantel.in/tablet/t-pad-is701r-34.html)

      Reliance GSM ZTE MF190
      Idea GSM HUAWEI E1732
      HUAWEI E169G works with Reliance GSM, BSNL, Idea, Airtel
      HUAWEI E173 Reliance GSM, BSNL, Idea, Airtel

      (3) You can not make calls with this tab.

      (4) It doesn’t have phonebook feature as this tab is not build for making calls.
      This tab is only for browsing internet with the help of Dongles.
      You’ll need a mini USB to standard USB connector to connect a 3G/2G Dongle with the device so that you can surf Internet as there is no standard USB port present.

      I think you are satisfied now.

  37. ankesh sharma says:

    Dear Lc Chandra ,

    I would like to Know that i have a Idea Net Setter and i am not been able to connect it to Tpad 701r so help me buddy to connect the same…………

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Ankesh,

      Working Dongles for IS701R (http://www.pantel.in/tablet/t-pad-is701r-34.html) are as follows-

      Reliance GSM ZTE MF190
      Idea GSM HUAWEI E1732
      HUAWEI E169G works with Reliance GSM, BSNL, Idea, Airtel
      HUAWEI E173 Reliance GSM, BSNL, Idea, Airtel

      If you have any of them then you can use internet otherwise i don’t have any idea about it. You can call on customer care numbers of Pantel.
      (And keep in mind that you’ll need a mini USB to standard USB connector to connect a 3G/2G Dongle with the device for using internet)

  38. Guyz I ve pre-booked both d cheapest Tabs i.e., Penta & Aakash.
    Both have their pros n cons….but m in a dilemma in choosing….Plz suggest.
    one thing Ive observed, all are giving reviews abt Penta only, but y thre r no reviews for Aakash?

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Anoop,

      We are here to help you but make the choice yourself.
      And for Aakash, please read the reviews by Mr. Tushar at the top of this page before comment section.This will really help you.
      If you have any specific query about Aakash or Penta you are free to ask anytime.
      But before asking questions please go through all the reviews and comments on this page.

      I would suggest you to take a look at “Micromax Funbook Tablet (1.2 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, free PHOTON Dongle) @ Rs.6499/- at http://www.saholic.com/all-tablets/10010
      This is one of the best tablet available in the market in this price range. For specification, read the comments of Mr. Mohsin (April 27, 2012 at 10:17 pm) .


      • dear lchandra, cud u plz tel me whre r d reviews of Aakash by Mr.Tushar,cud find only d specifications of Aakash but cudnt find reviews from all d above 96 comments.
        Als0 cud u confrm whthr Aakash is out fr delivery or not….

        • Daer Anoop,

          I have not tested the Aakash tab I just posted the specifications.

        • Lchandra says:

          Dear Anoop,

          Sorry for the trouble.
          There is brief information by Mr. Tushar on this page so i wrongly wrote it as a review (not a perfect one). But if you want a detailed review of Aakash then go to-

          And for your second query, yes Aakash is out for delivery.
          I got a mail from the company that my UBISLATE 7+ tab is ready to be delivered but i didn’t go for it as I have two tablets already which are much better than Aakash. I booked UBISLATE 7+ in the month of November 2011 and got the email in March 2012. But my personal experience was very bad with this company. Their customer care no is always out of order or engaged and even they didn’t reply any of my queries. Instead they send pre-written messages and even no response from supportin@datawind.com (which is a dedicated email for queries related to cheques/DD).

          You can also check this website for booking of Aakash ( This site delivers within 7 days) —- http://ncarry.nimbuzz.com/aakash-tablet-pc/
          I checked today and it is showing a OUT OF STOCK message but keep visiting this site frequently. You can be a lucky man anytime.

      • Please tell me how to install Gtalk on Penta 701R

  39. @ mohsin; does micromax funbook has SIM slot, any phone cal option?

  40. hi tushar

    and all of u guys who got pantel T-pad, guys i’ve booked my tab on 3 march. after some days i got a confirmation email of tab on 17 may that my tab is ready to deliver then i make payment of total 3750 rs for it ( 3250 tab price, 250-bsnl sim, 25- pnb commision, 225- courier charges) on 23 may bt still i didn,t get any confirmation mail by Pental. so pls cud u help me when i’ll get my tab. they had given this in their mail that after reciev money they mail me in 24 hrs to tell me when i got it. i’ve tried many times at their customer care no. bt didn’t get any respond. pls help me…… u can mail me on ‘nitin03in@gmail.com’

    pls help me…. hope u reply me soon. waiting 4 ur reply……

  41. Lchandra says:

    Dear Nitin,

    It takes around 1 week after making payment. So don’t panic. You’ll receive your pad by 1st June 2012. That is sure. And they never send any payment confirmation by email.

    You can also call on this cust care number to confirm —— 8800676999, 0120-4805200

    Hope you are satisfied now.

  42. we can make phone calls from 701R

  43. kaushik says:

    dear rajesh, you can’t make phone call from this.

  44. Where is service center 701r in ahmedabad

  45. Ryan2385 says:

    I bought my Penta tab from a local mobile phone store.
    1.What i want to know is dat i hav a dongle ZTE MF190 ,can i connect it with aircel 2g?
    2. I am havin a problem in creating d APN setting for aircel. Does the APN setting configures automatically,or i personally have to do it?
    3. Can any 2g sim be used with dis dongle to connect to the internet.
    Plz help. Its urgent.

  46. chinmay says:

    how do i know that it has 2G sim inbuilt or not ? and how to activate it ?

  47. C J Gangadhara Gowda says:

    Dear Tushar

    After receiving the mail from pental technologies I paid Rs 3740/- At PNB on 1-6-2012.So for I have not received the T-pad. I tried to contact them over phone but always get the recorded message saying their executives are busy.I have sent 2 e-mails to them but no replay from their side. i am worried whether i get it or not. please tell me when i will get it.

    with regards

  48. C J Gangadhara Gowda says:

    There is a correction the amount paid is Rs 3749/-


  49. kungumaraj says:


    yesterday only i received the penta IS701R but i did n expect the problem how i resolved this i don’t know bcs no service center in my area (Coimbatore)
    the problem was its not switch on (when we try to switch on the tab its opening but with standing
    ANDROID that’s it no more so what is the problem any body pls help or call me 89250 89376, 89255 18376

    • hi kungumaraj,

      I can understand you but you should contact the buyer or service center. And should not post phone number openly someone can misuse it anyways.

  50. kungumaraj says:

    Hi Mr.Thusar

    I need some positive feed back to resolve this issues.

    I buy from this company only
    their name & address bellow,

    Micro computers,
    Street Address: No,2, Naveena Bulding, thiruvalluvar salai , pillaithittam, pondicherry
    email id : microsiva@aitelmail.in

  51. C J Gangadhara Gowda says:

    Dear Tushar

    i received the mail from customercare from pental technologies. in that they explained the reason for delay in dispatching the T-pad( PNB had a serious fire at their corporate office in New Delhi). Hope i will get it very soon.


  52. Mohamed says:

    I want to buy this tablet for reading only.can any body tell me if supports pdf files.waiting for the reply.

  53. Very nice chat ,i like ur reply. L have bsnl tab 701r, how i connect i net thrv mobile & its settings in tab

  54. Rajiv Jaiswal says:

    Hello Sir, Please let me know which to buy, I confused. I read a good article on http://www.thesharma.com of Ubislate 7+ tablet. Can you print a good article giving all detail. Thank you so much.

  55. Dear Sir,

    the applications that i downloaded from market are stored on fron page of tablet ,

    how cai i store apps & games in download folder or any other floders ?

    and there is also great difficulty in scrolling page down & up as i have downloaded many apps , what is the easiest way to move page up & down ?

  56. hello friends go for micromax funbook you can connect eithernet .if has wifi 3g and you will get a tata photon dongle free ,for more info reply….i have buy mfunbook

  57. 1.Booked:15-4-12
    3.Got mail “Ready your PENTA”:23-5-12
    4.Paid cash on PNB:29-5-12
    5.Send challan scan copy:3-6-12,4-6-12,one by one so many copies
    6.NOT DELIVERED TILL:17-6-12
    9.WHAT CAN I DO,”WAIT NEXT ONE WEEK ,WHAT A SERVICE??????????????????”


    • Thanx for sharing your experience.

    • srinivas says:

      Yes I agree MARAN. I was also the sufferer of it. but i received the device after 27 days of payment made. I was very much unhappy about the device and the customer care, and service center too.

  58. kks.dhandabani says:

    does akash ubislate7+ supports 3g modem………?

  59. Mohammed says:

    Hey guys if u are willing to buy bsnl tablet then go ahead and buy at ebay.in. I got it in RS.3300 just with in 3 days. The site is safe and secure. In face I have not seen such well organized site.


  60. varaprasad says:

    dear tushar i need u r guidence to buy a tab…i am studying diploma i eee…i cnt invst more to buy cmptr so i have to buy tab ..tell me which is better to buy for web browsing only..plz send u r suggestion to kslvvaraprasad@GMAIL.COM

  61. dear,
    tushar akash have many problems releated to delievery bcos production is less and requirment is more.if you want to buy tablet just slightly increase your budget and take micromax funbook .i have the experience with funbook.its cool.just check the details i hope you like it.

  62. Dear Tushar,
    I received Penta IS701R two days back,but unable to connect internet,so for this what i have to go to BSNL outlet and ask for a 2G dongle ,so for that did they require any information.Also pendrive and laptop not dectecting when connected to the tab.Kindly suggest.

    • Lchandra says:

      Dear Partha,

      Here are the answers of your questions-

      (1) They are just bundling a BSNL SIM with IS701R to use it from a DONGLE. And for using Dongle (2G or 3G) ,REMEMBER, you’ll need a Mini USB to USB connector.
      And Wifi Internet works only and only when you provide network SSID. This device doesn’t show any wifi signal till we provide network SSID.

      (2) This device is not recognized by PC, Laptop or Pendrive so you cannot transfer your files directly to tablet.
      So Just copy-paste your fav content on Micro SD card and use it.

  63. Shiva Kumar says:

    i received TPAD IS701R 2 days back …. i had ordered with sim offer… does my tab has this offer … how to know my tab has sim ??.. can one pls tell

  64. md sarfaraz says:

    Dear lachandra n sujit plz sugest me that which one tab iz better 4 using internet akash or bsnl penta

  65. md sarfaraz says:

    dear Lachandra plz sugest me that which 1 tab iz better akash or bsnl penta

  66. rashid mdc says:

    Frnds which tab iz better akash tab 2 or bsnl penta 4using net

  67. Dear Lchandra,
    Thanks for your reply and one thing will bluetoth work with this IS701R.

  68. srinivas says:

    I have bought bsnl is701r (penta t-pad) by online booking… I have also paid for bsnl 2G sim. but I didn’t receive any bsnl sim. and also wifi is getting automatically turned off within 10 sec we switch on the wifi. I was told that “The lower end pieces (is701r) are getting the same problem these days”. I have applied for replacement of my tab.
    Better to go BIZZBOOK which costs 4999/-

  69. plz anyone hel,my penta tabs touch screen is broken today,i just bought it yesterday,any way i can get spares for the touch pad,they say in service centre they dont have spares,plz help

  70. SATHISH says:

    Dear all
    Plz give me answer for my questions
    1.can we use vodafone gprs from usb dongle in bsnl 701 r & micromax tab
    2.is there any sim slot in micromax tab
    3.can we use external device (mobile phone) as modam for 2g gprs connection in micromax & bsnl 701 r
    Plz reply me I’m very confused

  71. HIMANSHU says:

    Dear All
    Please answar my queries
    I got my Penta tab BSNA701 r and working nicely, wifi connectivity is good,

    andriod apps are also downloaded successfully but I unable to write on it.
    If I want to use this tab for my college and wants to write notes on it.
    Can anybody tell me how can I write on it. I can read ebooks in Pdf format.

  72. pentaowner says:

    never buy penta tab because i bought it one month ago and it stopped working now .. doesnt even turn and there is no support from the company. if u try to ring them all numbers are bogus and like a dead end .. no response … fucking tablet waste of money …. and what the hell … high gaming in penta .. doesnt even withstand few touch simultaneously …

    my personal opinion is never buy low end tabs .. they suck ….. i have blackberry playbook also and its awesome … wish it would have sim functions … but still a lot more better than those ..

    penta was my second tab .. i bought it for sim related tasks but couldnt do that because it never turns on now ..!!!

  73. Dear all
    tell me whether this penta 701 R supports gsm connectivity? can we access internet without dongle like Cellular mobile phones?

  74. Abhimanyu kumar says:

    ham 1 penta 701 r tablet liye hai usme
    1 internet huawei e1752 se chalate hai to nahi chalta hai kya kare
    2 kya sim nahi lagta hai , lagta hai to kaha
    3 internet kase chalaye

  75. Krpendra says:

    Hi Tushar,

    have any smart phone in the market in which we can attached the file (Word, powerpoint, excel and pdf file) with sending e-mail (Rediff, Yahoo, Gmail etc), We have a spice MI 425 smart phone but attachment facility is not available in sending mail (Rediff, Yahoo, Gmail etc).

  76. Kripendra says:

    Dear all

    Plz tell me attachment facility (Word, powerpoint, excel and pdf file) is available or not with sending mail (Rediff, Yahoo, Gmail etc) in all tablets. and this facility is in aakash 2 and penta 701 R available or not.

  77. Does bsnl panta tpad 701r have abode flash player

  78. Anant Tamboli says:

    I am using pantel IS701 from last 10 days. Problem is of booting. When I swith on the tablet, I can see Panta-BSNL log and then it moves to Android with blinking cursor. And it gets hanged. Can anybody plz help me in this regard?

    Thanks in advance

  79. vara prasad says:

    hi, i bought econnect tab …please tell me ways to connect to internet to this device….it has ethernet, wi fi, dongle support, which is better to connect

  80. vara prasad says:

    can we connect a tab to nokia phone for inter net pupose

  81. Dr.Bharti Prasad says:

    can we connect bsnl moden visiontek other than specific dongles in T pad IS 701 R

  82. hi,I have to buy this tab sir g what can I do..

  83. we can enjoy calls throught this pent….tab …………..and how to excess …internet…….and there another way to enjoy intrrnet without wifi…

  84. yesterday i have booked the BSNL-PENTa IS701R T-PAD from snapdeal site,they gave me conformation code and delivery date of april 4.so,my question is-is it true that iam gona get it for sure?

  85. Plz inform me abt the charging process,
    1- whether to connect to pc for charging r charging from current plug..
    2- and if we book this tab on ebay.com do we get bsnl sim and the offer..

  86. kya isme sim lag sakta hai or ye ek ph ki trah use ho sakta hai.plz tell

  87. vara prasad says:

    Ravi u want to buy econect tab..its just 3400(with postal charges)..i want to sell my tab bcz i am not in a 3g covered area…its wi fi with d link works ultra high speed…46 preloaded apps…mail me kslvvaraprasad@gmail.com

  88. Akushwaha says:

    Did any of tabs like aakash,funbook bsnl support micromax 352g dongle if not how can i connect it.

  89. Samin das says:

    Sir, i have booked bsnl is701r tablet. At the time of booking they are saying that payment will be cash on delivery, but now they are send me a punjab national bank challan for prepaid. What to do sir. I am in confieuse. And what about the fujizone x88 tablet. I specially needed for internet, youtube and official purpose.(word, excel etc) plz help me. With regards samin das

  90. raja singh says:

    how see usb bevice in bsnl penta ? step to step pls tel me ……

  91. sir,
    Is there 3.5 mm jack inbsnl penta 701?

  92. hi tusar, is the bsnl tab support all sim cards?

  93. Kuchan Rajesh says:

    BSNL Penta T-Pad IS701C Tablet Have Sim Facility for Calling & Messaging or NOT ??

  94. Can we connect keyboard?
    can we run microsoft office, word, power point, excel, etc

  95. vara prasad says:

    hi. tushar .i bought a e-connect tab for 3400.i am using this tab from 3 months.it is working satisfactorily,no hang overs , but cant connect to internet with out 3g,thats only problem with this..it supports power point,word,sheet..so for going other tabs just see this tab specifications .battery back up is 1.5 hr while connecting internet.

  96. vara prasad says:

    tushar, i want to take a new phone,cost 7000to11000.which is better to go….

  97. That was very nice . I wanna know hows this IS701C ?? Please

  98. so,which is gud tablet…….bsnl is701r or aakash

  99. Kausik Das says:

    i have connected my penta t-pad is701x with my laptop, but my laptop does not shows it.please help me

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