A quick primer on behavioral targeting

06-10-2013 10-29-25 PM

Remember how words from a trusted and respected relative often can alter your view on something, say, a product or service, and make you ultimately switch your loyalty from one company to a competing organization? Well, that notion of psychological weight in purchasing decisions—meaning you buy something based on someone else’s opinion—also applies online. And…

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Sensational Flash Mob Proposal and unique marketing concept from LG

When lovely young Pooja Basara woke up on the morning of 6th October, 2012, she had no idea that she was to become part of a YouTube sensation! Even when she went shopping in the upmarket Ambience Mall in her home town of Gurgaon in India everything seemed normal. Then it all changed! The LG…

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E-mail marketing – The best add on to internet marketing

In today’s date, you are likely to hear a lot about Internet Marketing. One question that must have constantly bothered you of late is definitely going to be your thrust to figure out the exact meaning of the terminology Internet Marketing. Let me now throw some light on this particular concept. For all you people…

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How to use proxy servers for better advertising options

If you are like me, you probably have no idea what is a proxy server. Fortunately, I was asked to research this topic a number of months ago and what actually transpired was one of those serendipitous moments where theory collided with reality to my benefit. Img: Wikipedia What are proxy servers? A proxy server…

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OLX: Best way to advertise your products online for free

olx logo

Online shopping concept is now spreading from cities to villages. With the help of online shopping we can shop online from home without actually going to the shop. Olx India is the best solution to make free classified advertisement of your products and services. With the help of that you can buy and sell products…

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What Is Content Marketing? And How it helps to boost your website in SERP

 Just lately, there are so many individuals who are searching for the information concerning content marketing. Content marketing is just one part of blogging techniques which is aimed in providing information to its readers so that this can increase the traffic for your site.   The main indication of content marketing is that this will…

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