What should we expect from Windows 8 official RTM version?

Microsoft, one of the world’s most valuable companies is all set to release the final version of Windows on October 26 and there is lot of expectations and money which is riding along with this product. Windows 8 has been released in the 26 countries and is currently in the Consumer Preview version which is valid for only a certain period of time. There are a number of changes which the company has hinted which would be incorporated into this Operating System. Being inspired from the Windows 7, the OS would have more or less same features but there are certain things which the company claims and that could prove a milestone in the history of the company. So what should we expect from Windows 8 ?

One of the major changes which is expected and is clearly visible when you first use this Windows is the start button and the login screen which has been given a complete overhaul and it has been streamlined and integrated so that it can be used seamlessly on the touch screen and mobile devices.

Processor: The dual core processors are pretty common these days in the smartphones as well as the desktops. The company is all set out to cater to these processors. Apart from supporting the dual core processors, the platform is expected to support the multi core systems with ease.

Higher Resolutions: The traditional Windows has been on the boring wVGA resolution of 800X600. The Windows 8 is expected to provide at least three screen resolutions which would cater a variety of devices.

One thing which can be expected from the Windows 8 is the portability. In this fastly changing world of technology both Microsoft and the users would want that ecosystem where the desktops and the handheld devices which are powered by the windows complement each other. The apps which are developed for desktops can be used on the smartphones and tabs which are powered by the Windows 8 with the minimal configuration and changes. The company recently introduced the Surface tablet at an event at Los Angeles and hinted that this feature might be included in this version of Windows. The Windows 8 has been introduced to capture the fast growing smartphone market. The company doesn’t have any plan to upgrade its existing Windows 7 users to this Windows.

The company has also revamped its Internet Explorer which is now much lighter and faster. There has been a greater support for the JavaScript and HTML 5. The company has also dumped its very own, Bing Maps for the Nokia Maps which is widely recognized and acclaimed.

One of the main shortcomings of the earlier versions of the Windows Mobile OS was security. The security has been improved by many times in this OS. The Windows 8 would now Enterprise Ready and would now have Side Loco Drives and Encryption Protection. Besides this, there are a number of other features which are offered by the company such as NFC, Wallet, Passbook like feature and much more.

To sum up, Windows 8 has shown a lot of promise and great things which would be offered to you. There are a number of expectations from the Windows lovers. There are a strong number of the hugely satisfied users who have used the Preview versions of the Windows 8.


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