Top 8 reasons that you should use Kaspersky Internet security for your Computer

We need to be protected in today’s hacker’s world. Internet is very essential and hackers target the internet to infect your computer. Therefore you have to use a best antivirus program to keep away any viruses, Trojans, spammers etc… The Kaspersky Internet security is one of the best solutions for the entire virus and hackers attack. It provides you best protection at very low cost.

Why to use kaspersky

I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security personally since last 5 years. First version of Kaspersky that I started was Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0. From that I have been love it. Kaspersky is top 2nd rank for best antivirus program. According to my personal experience and use I think Kaspersky should be 1st rank.

Kaspersky Internet security world ranking

Which is better Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet security?

See this page:

You can easily find that Kaspersky Internet security is nothing but the Kaspersky antivirus program but with some extra online protection features. So why to go with only antivirus? Use total protection with KIS. Kaspersky Internet Security has more features like Sandbox technology, Parental control, Block spammy unwanted contents etc. So always go with Interne security.


8 reasons that I select Kaspersky Internet Security for protection:


1)      Disinfection of almost all viruses:

Kaspersky provides a powerful and rough technology that will surely able to disinfect almost all viruses. Hardly it asks for deletion of file, if disinfection is not possible. Disinfection means it only removes the virus part from the infected file and keeps the file content as it is. It is very important that because of this technology we can get back almost all virus infected files. Usually other antivirus programs simple delete the files to remove virus from your computer. It can disinfect autoruns, Trojans or any type of virus.  


2)      Secure Online shopping and Banking :

Only because of it I can make number of Internet banking transactions and shopping using my credit card safely. Kaspersky provides a feature like virtual keyboard which adds extra security level while entering your confidential information.


3)      Undo changes made by viruses:

Most of the time malware makes changes to your file systems and that can really harm your computer. KIS provides best solutions to roll back these changes made by such a worst viruses. It has Root-kit scan capability that can be very important. 


4)      Protects you from phishing websites and attacks:

Phishing attacks and phishing websites are those who create a fake login page exactly similar to your online portal. For example they can create a page which is very similar to your Internet backing page and ask for your username and password. So In this way your account will get hacked within few seconds. Other antivirus programs may fail to give protection against this type of phishing attacks.


5)      Cloud protection:

One of the best and unique features of Kaspersky Internet Security is cloud protection. In this all the cloud protection users are connected to one cloud server. The advantage of this is when any new virus or any activity is being observed then that report automatically distributed to all cloud users so that they can easily survive from that. In usually fashion of any antivirus program is they detects thread and create update files, when used download these updates then and then he is able be disinfect from such new virus.


6)      Parental Control:

Are you parents? Then this feature is very important for you. Using Parental Control you can block certain harmful websites which is essential for kids. You can set you own password to disable this feature so that even smart kid can’t disable it.


7)      Best for basic and advance users and Low cost:

The Kaspersky Internet security is best for both the types of computer users who are basic and for advance users also. We can set custom permissions like delete infected files automatically or manually by asking users.

As comparing with other antivirus and Internet security programs the Kaspersky is low cost product. The reason behind this low cost is high worldwide sell of the product.


8 )      Two way Firewall:

Kaspersky has Strong Two way firewall that will protect you from all types of hacking attacks and protect your online security. You will never need to be dependent on default windows firewall; rather it can handle all security functions.


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There are the 8 reasons for which I am using Kaspersky Internet security from last 5 years and never experience a single glitch in the online and offline protection. There are new version also available named Kaspersky PURE but I never tried it. If you are using it and want to share any experience about it then you are welcome to comment here.

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