Penta T-PAD 701C Tablet: best alternative to Aakash tablet (Specifications)

Pantel Technologies launches new cheap android 4.0.3 based tablet named T-PAD 701C. We recently published article about how to pre book BSNL Penta TPAD 701C. This tablet is latest creation from Patel technologies. You can check our previous post about the old about all things that you should know about BSNL Penta TPAD 701RBut there are many disadvantages were present in that Penta 703C tablet, such as no inbuilt SIM card support even that is mentioned on the official website and many other things that really irritate the buyer of it. This time Pantel technologies launched a product that is really cheap and having more features that all its previous products with comparison of price.


Operating system

Android 4.0.3 ICS


512 MB DDR 3


Cortex A8 1GHz


0.3 MP front



External memory

Yes, Up to 32GB


7 inches, Capacitive touch, 800×480 16M

Date connectivity

2G and 3G USB dongle supported


Yes 2.0 OTG + Mini USB


Yes, IEEE 802.11b/g/n










AVI, DVX, WMV, MP4, MP3 and many



It has many features as any android power tablet has but the price is unbelievable.

number of applicaiotns it supports

Battery:  It has 3000mAH lithium polymer rechargeable battery.  It is enough to watch movies and surf internet on the go. As compare to the 7 inches screen still it will not be capable to long last to continuous movie watching and gamming.

Memory: It has inbuilt 4 GB Rom for applications and files still you can expand the memory by using MicroSD HC card up to 32 GB without affecting the device performance in any way.

Video Calling: This is fantastic feature, eve some mobile that costs more that $200 (10000 INR) also don’t have video calling feature. But this Tablet has a front facing 0.3 MP camera and microphone. You can enjoy the video calling over Skype or internal function. As it has 2G/3G and CDMA USB Dongle support.  

HDTV Support: The Penta T-PAD IS701C has a fully functional HDMI port that can be use to connect your tablet to HDTV. You can enjoy the High Definition movies and videos over there.

GSM and CDMA dongle support: you can connect internet on this tab using the USB internet dongle like in case of CDMA- TATA Photon, GSM- Idea E1732 3G modems etc… These all modems can be connected very easily and you can enjoy the internet in any remote location.

Full Android Market (Google Play store support):  The tablet has preinstalled android market support and you can download any number of android games and applications from the Google Play store. Aakash tablet and many other cheapest tablets don’t have this facility.

It has 12 Months warranty from the date of purchasing.

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This tablet cost you approximately 4999/- INR- Indian rupees. You can order this tab from out of India anyways.

 Check the Page 2>> for the connectors details about Penta T-PAD IS701C Tablet


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  1. Hey tushar….
    i agree your view but still you have not mentioned weather it supports sim facility or not…though voice call could be made that to with an net connection..
    Still Akash tab 7c has also similar features and also less price..

  2. Sumit Jha says:

    This look amazing now I want this tablet.

  3. 12 years warranty?

    • Hey Veeshal, thank you for correcting mistake. I really appreciate your interested in our blog.

      • when i feel bored i shamelessly point out others mistakes, even while knowing that i am following same practices. Don’t make your mind like, i am rude or something, i am shameless only.

  4. Narendrasinh says:

    Whats about Touch screen?

  5. Arun Kumar says:

    I like to know whether 701C has GPS navigator and google play, Android market available ?

  6. Dear All,

    I have bought IS701C last month. It’s 3G was not working. After lot of troubleshooting with technical support and service centres, I had to ship it back to Pantel and they sent me a replacement. 3G still does’nt works. I have used Reliance -ZTE MF190 dongle with Reliance 3G data plan and AIRTEL HUAWEI E1731 (E173Bu-1) dongle with Airtel 3G data plan. Nothing works. Pantel’s website and technical support claims that the tab supports 3G dongles however tablet’s user manual says that it supports only WiFi. Their is no mention of 3G in the user manual. Please help if you can. I really need your help and suggestions.

  7. please send me your replies at

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