How to create friendly URL for your Facebook Fan Pages Easily

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. Every business and even people now has a Facebook fan page. People visit it and like it to receive the latest update from the page.

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What is Friendly URL of Facebook Fan Page and Their need?

By default the Facebook assign a random system generated page URL for your Fan page (business or personal page). But this URL is very tedious and almost not possible to remember by anyone. Suppose you have a car company and your company’s fan page is like then? Will you able to share it with anyone? No.

It will be better if it was Yup definitely you agree with me. You can share it over a television ad or anywhere like banners.

Limitation and requirements:

To create use name for the page that page should have at least 25 fans. That is page should have at least 25 likes.

One thing should be kept in mind that once you created a username for your page you cannot change it afterward at any cost. So be careful while choosing it.

How to create that easy to navigate Facebook page URL?

Here is the step by step tutorial for that. You can also see the video shared below.

  • Go to your fan page and click on Edit page.
  • In that select Basic information and click on the “Create username for this page”.

See Image:

how to create facebbok url friendy page

Select create username for page

  • Then you will be on next page which will be asking you for the required short name for your Page. If you owned multiple fan pages then there will be a list so that you can select any one from them.

Don’t Forgot to see the video so do it:

  • Select the desired username and click on the check availability button. After everything you will get the message of success.

Success message

Now your short and friendly URL for the Facebook fan page is ready to share with anyone.

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  1. Startup Blog says:

    The easiest way to change the username is logging into your personal Facebook account, and visit On that page you can easily change your username for the page. This is a useful information for any blogger.

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  4. If you create a user-friendly Facebook URL will the old link be broken? We are using the current, non-customized URL for hyperlinks to our Facebook page now in many place and want to know if those all need to be changed if we decide to create a user-friendly Facebook URL.

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