Business Laser Printers and Personal Printers – is there a Difference?

Laser Printer

It can be really daunting finding a printer that is perfect for your needs; there are that many different types on the market. Obviously the needs of a home user are going to be different and less wearing on the device than those of a business; although the amount of difference in the volume of…

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RailYatri: The Smartest App for Train Travelers in India


RailYatri is quickly turning out to be a must-have mobile app for people travelling by train. With its unique and much needed features for instance My Trip Planner, PNR with Smart Predictor, Seat Availability with Confirmation Forecast, Live Arrival & Departure, RailYatri stands much ahead of its competition. Here’s a glimpse of some features that…

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Wearable electronics – a multi-billion dollar industry


It’s already recognised as one of the fastest growing electronics markets on the planet, but a new survey by MarketsandMarkets has suggested that the wearable electronics industry could be worth an impressive $8billion by 2018. When you consider that wearables is a relatively new concept to the public, and that we are still in the…

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Smart TV: Better quality and High-tech entertainment

Smart TV past

Past Philip Hinchcliffe, a former producer of Doctor Who, said that with hundreds of channels we now schedule our own viewing. We’ve come to demand more though, and now an amazing viewing experience is possible thanks to smart tv. What is it though? Present Smart tv is a general term to describe the integration of…

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How to print Stickers from your own designed graphic

We expect at least some of sticker lovers here! However, this article for those who do not satisfy the pre-designed and printed stickers, available in our market as well who have that minimal creative talent to design your own sticker and use it for enhancing your visual satisfaction. Here, stickers are not only those crazy…

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Review: HP Envy 120 all in one printer

Whatever we say about the influence of technology and its applications in our daily life, some people, especially government authorities, seem to prefer printed documents to digital ones. Because of this, it is preferable to have access to a printer so that you can create printouts of necessary documents – it appears that the printed…

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