Get More 4G Signal: Is It Real?

It seems almost all mobile operators provide 4G nowadays but look at your phone now.  What is there near the Internet signal indicator, H or H+? It means you still use 3G, enhanced 3G to be precise or HCPA which provides rather high data transfer rates, but still 3G data. So, why 4G network is so hard to get just like 3 or 4 years ago when is has just been launched?

There’s also another issue about 4G. Even if you’re lucky to use it, the speed often leaves much to be desired. Mobile operator clients who subscribed to more expensive 4G plans feel nothing but anger and disappointment because so massively advertised super high 4G speed doesn’t differ much from 3G speed. What makes things worse, specialists assume that 4G speeds will get even slower because more and more people connect to them.


What is the solution?

On the global scale the solution is the only one. Mobile operators have to spend billions to upgrade their cell towers or establish new ones and spend billions again to supply current 4G demand.

In these circumstances we can wait for a very long time before carriers find the money and no one can guarantee our children will enjoy fast 4G data rates. Instead, I suggest a few alternative ways of 4G speed improvement.

 1) Set up your smartphone

When 4G is too slow mobile operators switch you to 3G network automatically. There exist certain tricks you can play with your smartphone in order to stay on 4G and never loose in speed. What is meant are special adjustments you can make in your device settings in order to avoid network switch. They shouldn’t do any harm to your phone, though it’s always reasonable to double check. By the way, they say the adjustments can differ depending on your mobile operator.


2) Install a signal repeater

4G signal repeater is a special system composing of two antennas and a repeater or a  signal booster. The device repeats the signal picked up from the outside and sends it inside the area. 4G booster is considered to be rather efficient, that’s why it can cost up to 300 dollars. Repeaters are offered both by mobile operators like Vodafone, EE and repeater manufacturers such as Huaptec, Stella Doradus, etc.

 3) Download an app

You can also download a mobile application for data speeds increase. Normally they work both for 3G and 4G. The algorithm of such apps is rather simple – they just optimize download and upload speeds, decreasing one in favor of the other. It will hardly give very impressive result, but can slightly improve the situation. One more issue is that speed optimizing apps consume a lot of antenna and make your phone battery die more quickly.

To sum it up, even though 4G network is in the hands of mobile operators, there’s also something under our own control. The list is not limited to these tips, of course. You can find more useful solutions on the web and find the one for your taste.

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