8 Best websites to buy Books online in India

E-Commerce was a great and essential factor which made Internet close to normal people, as you know. Directly or indirectly every internet user will be benefiting of E-Commerce in one or another way. When compared to old times, we’re experiencing E-Commerce in a deeper extend, obviously. E-Commerce simply means any kind of commercial activities that you do on E-World, which is majorly contributed by the great World Wide Web and other Internet based services. As far as I know, the major part of E-Commerce, according to a basic internet user is definitely ‘Online Shopping’. Few years before I had doubted the reliability of these Online Shopping stuff as I was doubtful whether the website will bring the product to me after paying the amount. But the change in attitude against these companies among users was surprisingly noticeable in these years.

buy books onlineNow I guess, majority of people reading this article will be benefiting from Online Shopping for sure. As you can see most of the products available in our local stores are available in online stores as well. And the list includes Books as well. Apart from some other products, we should be very careful while purchasing books because the quality depends on many factors for sure. So, now let’s have a look on a list of reliable online Book Stores in our India. I have done a comparison of prices in those websites for the book ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ and have added the prices near to the websites’ names. All amounts are added in INR.

  1. FlipKart
  2. If you are a regular to Online Shopping, you will have surely heard about this firm and it’s having Books in their available list and has become a good and reliable Online Book Store in India. First of all, the factors which made FlipKart the top online book store are good collection and categorization of books, good user interface, and moreover quality of products they provide. FlipKart is having a good suggestion section where very good books are suggested by experts. And top of all, FlipKart is having lowest price on books compared to other stores.
    The provider comprises books from different categories such as normal reading books as well as study based books. All books I got were through Speed Post and hence very fast. Few months before, the firm has launched ‘Flyte Store’ where you can download eBooks.

  3. Amazon.in
  4. This is big daddy of Ecommerce industry and recently launched Indian website Amazon.in. Initially they were having only books but now they are selling almost everything. Amazon is having different sellers like Ebay and excellent price comparison. And Kindle store is also awesome for ebook readers.

  5. Snapdeal
  6. Snapdeal is also having a good collection books for sell in their website. When compared to FlipKart and other providers, Snapdeal seems to be more caring of categorization of books which will in turn help users to easily find books in their favorite category. Snapdeal has enabled Cash on Delivery in most of books which means you can make use of Snapdeal even if you don’t have a credit card or online payment option with you. Altogether Snapdeal is truly suitable for the title ‘Top Online Book Store in India’.

  7. BookAdda
  8. Apart from the firms listed above, BookAdda is an Online Shopping website completely optimized for purchasing your books. As you can guess, it’ll be easier for you to find your books for sure. The firm also has standard features like Cash on Delivery system and seems to have a good discount when compared to other providers. But you will have to pay a bit more shipping charge when compared to FlipKart which can be considered as a negative part. Still BookAdda is a good choice if you’re looking for an online store which has faster product delivery and other standard features.

  9. BookGanga
  10. In some cases you won’t be enough with reading some English books. So, your next choice has to be probably BookGanga as the website has a large number of book spread over multiple local languages. They’re also having an eBook section along with an eBook Reader available for download. And the site has simply categorized the content to suite users’ needs.

  11. uRead
  12. uRead is another Online Shopping website optimized for buying books. uRead has cleanly arranged books and have categorized them much precisely. And the powerful search feature makes finding your favorite books very faster compared to other. Having these superb features, uRead is apt to be a top Online Shoppe for buying books with a good delivery time as well.

  13. Infibeam
  14. Despite the fact Infibeam is not completely optimized for buying books, Infibeam is a good Online Shop for getting your books in an economy price. The website also offers a feature called Call To Order through which you can order a particular product by dialing a number.Infibeam is also having a decent time for delivery and it has a good quality on its products as well.

  15. Indiatimes Shopping

Indiatimes Shopping is an initiative from Times Of India group which also includes Books in their collection. This website offers FREE shipping for majority of their products as well as offers a delivery time of 2 to 3 business days.  When compared to other providers, Indiatimes shopping has some cool discount offers which can be seen in their own newspaper and other media, which is quite attractive.


Now we have listed out the top Online Book Stores available in India. As you can see, most of providers are having same rate on same product in spite of fact that some add shipping charges and some other do not do so. According to this list, uRead and Indiatimes shopping are having lowest prices as they are charging no money for shipping processes of product. When the shipping excluded, Snapdeal is having cheap price for the book we had chosen for test.

These prices are the cheapest prices found on net, which becomes an obvious attractive factor.  All these in turn make these websites the top place to get your books shipped on your doorsteps. By the way, which online market you use for buying your favorite books and eBooks online? Mention their name and your experience through comments.

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