A Dark Horse Named Humanities

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Humanities as a subject had failed in India. In foreign countries, this subject has been a prevalent choice among students. But in India, if you are a humanities student, you are either a below average student or you are definitely not academically brilliant. There have been numerous debates as to which is better, Humanities or…

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Digital Ocean Review: Cheapest cloud hosting and unmanaged VPS

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This Digital Ocean cloud hosting review will discuss the benefits of cloud hosting and unmanaged VPS(Virtual Private Server) with respect to the service offered by Digital Ocean. We shall review performance, features and security in addition to how the cost of this service compares with regular hosting and other popular cloud-based hosting services. So lets…

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How to get old Gmail compose window using Extension for Chrome


In these months, Gmail web interfaces as well as its mobile applications have acquired a lot of changes and features in the core! Major ones are the addition of categorized emails – such as Personal, social, updates, promotions, forums etc. that has made the user experience never like before and of course easier than your…

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How to create a personal start page with your favorite links

In such a fast competitive world, everyone has literally become a machine. The paucity of time has become the real reason for people to be on their toes for ever. Even the usual act which directly relates to the survival of the individual’s existence seems to be greatly compromised as well. Since, the common practice…

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What is Extended Validation and Why Choose It?

With Internet usage continuing to surge, the concept of online security is incredibly important, from both the viewpoint of the business and also the customer. If you’re familiar with website use, you will recognise the presence of the “https://” in the address bar, when it comes to making secure transactions, or entering logins and passwords.…

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The use of free online classifieds

What is an on the internet classified ad? An on the internet categorized ad is a little amazing ad placed in classified-ad sites to get the interest of the preferred guest. It is a short-term ad that allows excellent reaction within a very brief time. Delhi free classifieds listings are low-cost ads and provide great…

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