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Step By Step Guide To Convert PDF File into JPG Format


There are several reasons why one needs a conversion of a PDF file to an image. PDF are an amazing way to encapsulate text and image together but they often require an external plug-in or applications such as Adobe Premiere to run. These external plugins are simply not required when you want to view an…

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Create Your Online Store with Wix

online store

It does not matter whether you are selling cheap candy or expensive electronics; it makes enough sense to create an eCommerce website, to sell your products or services! Unlike the old days — when you’d to dig into tough PHP and related codes to create skeleton of your eCommerce site and go deep in order…

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Boost Your Mobile Signals and Talk from Anywhere in Your Home

mobile singnal booster

What if a crisis situation is at hand and you can’t make a call or send out message asking for help because of patchy cell phone signal? To avert this kind of situation, it is time to be proactive about boosting the reception inside your own home. If this already happened to you once you…

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How to easily start an online shop for your business with automated services

As recently as 15 years ago, the majority of people had one option when buying a product – going to the shop or warehouse. Some could buy what they wanted over the phone, while others could send for it via the post, but all that has changed thanks to the creation of ecommerce.  A click…

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Get the most out of your telephone service by integrating tablets

There are many telephone service providers that claim that they have the best phone service. Sometimes, however, it is not about the provider. It can also be about the technologies that business clients integrate in their phone system. One of which is the integration of electronic devices that can be used to access the phone system…

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From where to get all extra accessories for Aakash Tablet

We have recently posted about how to connect the keyboard to Aakash tab. Now we will see how to get these accessories for the Aakash Tablet. There are three main extra optional accessories available for Aakash Tablet. They are not given as free. You have to purchase it from the website.The question rises from where to get…

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