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Mystique is one of the best free WordPress theme having inbuilt SEO and many other features. Most of the website owners using this theme for their website. Related post with thumb is one of the most popular way to show your site content to new visitors of your website. Here we are going to use a WordPress plugin named IGIT Related Post With Thumb. As WordPress is a CMS which depends on plugins and it is useful for those who don’t know coding.

Why to use Related Post with Thumb:

It is necessary to understand first why you need to use related post with thumb for your website. Suppose a visitor come to your website by searching “how to speed WordPress blog” and he reach on a page related to his search so what after that he/she will simply quit the browser tab. This will increase your page bounce rate. Instead of that suppose I show a better 3-4 posts which matching to the page content then the visitor surely visit these pages of your site. And it will surely decrease your bounce rate.

So in general:

i) Decrease bounce rate of your website.

ii) Improve site quality.

iii) Better navigation to related topics from any page.

iv) Engage and encourage users to browse your site.

How to Integrate Related post with Thumb on your WordPress site:

It is very simple to install IGIT Related Post With Thumb activate it so that the related posts will now display at bottom of your every post in the WordPress. But the problem arrives when we want to display related posts to any another location on the site.

Step 1:

Install this plugin to WordPress IGIT Related Post With Thumb

Step 2:

Go to the plugin setting and uncheck Automatically Show related Posts after Post :( Tick If Yes)

Step 3:

Now go to appearance—editor and select—single.php file of your theme.


Step 4:

Put the code <?php if(function_exists(‘igit_rpwt_posts’)) igit_rpwt_posts(); ?> in the desired location where you want to display the related posts .

Finally Iit will be look like this :

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