What is Fiber Optics and its importance in the broadband technologies

The technology is changing every day and every time it is getting easier and safer than before. Once, the computer was a dreamt object, then it became very popular and available. After that, the time of the internet came, it was not available at the beginning, rather it was very costly. The availability of the internet has surprisingly increased  in these days. Many new technologies have been invented to make it more available, affordable and fast. The latest technology in this sector is the broadband technology and the fiber optic communication is the most effective innovation of this technology.

The fiber optic communication is regarded as the fastest connection in the broadband technology and that’s why it is known as the most important innovation in the broadband technology. So, it is important to know about  the broadband technology before learning about  the fiber optic communication.

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Broadband Communication

Broadband technology is used in the internet sector, it is one kind of transmission and it  gives an access to a high speed internet network.

The broadband technology gives a faster and safer internet access than any other internet technology. This is a data transmission system, there are many systems. But only those systems are known as broadband which can deliver  at least an 1 megabit speed while downloading files from the internet and at least a 4 megabit speed when uploading files to the internet.

There are a few technologies that are used in the broadband communication. The most popular and widely used technologies are: Cable Modem, Fiber Optics, DSL, WiMAX, and Wireless Broadband.

DSL is the short form of Digital Subscriber line, it provides an internet connection via telephone lines made of copper. The Cable Modem technology applies the same formula, the only difference is the cable TV lines are used for the internet connection.

Wireless Broadband technology uses the radio technology to provide the internet. A radio link makes the connection between the server and the user.

WiMAX is the short form of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access,  this is a big range broadband technology and mainly used in mobile phones.

Satellite Broadband is an expensive technology, it is used in those areas where other technologies are unavailable. On the other hand, the White Space technology uses the transmission space between the television channels. It is still an upgrading technology.

But among all of them, the Fiber Optic technology is regarded as the best broadband technology. Let’s see why.

What is Fiber Optic Communication Technology

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The Fiber Optic communication is one of the easiest technologies of the broadband internet technology. This method was first used in 1970 and brought a revolutionary change in the telecommunication sector. An optical fiber is used here to transmit information to distance places via the pulses of light through it.

The fiber optic wires are made of plastic, sometimes made of glass and they are designed to transmit information. A fiber is a very thin object, still it can transfer virtual data from one place to another at an incredible speed. It converts the digital signals to impulse of light and carries it to distance places.

Types of Fiber Optics

how to fibre optics in the broadband

There are two types of fiber optic broadband technologies, one is FTTC and the other one is FTTP. The term FTTC stands for Fiber to the Cabinet and the FTTP stands for Fiber to the premises, it is also known as FTTH. The FTTC type connection needs a medium known as the cabinet, whereas the FTTP type fiber optics can  be connected directly at your home. The FTTP type connection provides a high speed internet access than the FTTC.

Three Amazing Facts of Fiber Optic Broadband

There are three main reasons that have made fiber optic communication as the most essential innovation in the broadband technology. They are:

  • Two types of available connections: You can choose either the FTTP or the FTTC type fiber optic connection anytime you want.
  • Direct to home: You will get this service connected direct to your home, you don’t have to buy any other device to get the internet connection.
  • Super fast technology: You will get an access to the super fast internet connection if you connect to the fiber optic broadband technology.

Other Benefits of Using This Amazing Technology

The FTTP (also known as FTTH) technology is regarded as the best broadband technology of the decade. You can download all the mega size files very quickly from the internet using this connection, and the cost of it is relatively much lower than other broadband technologies. As a result, experts prefer this much more than all other broadband connections.

So, get connected to the fiber optic broadband technology to experience the thrilling speed of the internet.

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