6 best android applications to scan documents from your mobile (Free and Paid)

We saw the list of android applications that are useful for students and also the list of android applications which can be used for sending SMS from internet. Now you will list some android apps that are useful for the scanning purpose.


What they can do?

Scanning? I mean page scan. Yes you can do the scanning work from your android phone with the help of camera. This save lots of time especially the need is very small and you cannot manage a scanner. Some of the applications are free, some are trail version and few are paid. Paid are highly accurate and they might provide better performance. But if your need is small I will prefer you to try free one or simply a trail version.


How they work?

All the applications use the inbuilt high resolution camera from your phone to take snap shot of the page or any objective which you want to scan. It has algorithm to process the picture and them it converted to different file format like PDF or simple JPEG image.


The list is here:


1)      CamScanner:

cam scanner to scan the documents

This is free application that can use to scan the documents. It has some features like upload image directly to the cloud storage such as dropbox, GoogleDocs.





2)      Droid Scan Pro PDF

Android scan appication

This application is paid but also free lite version available for download.

Free lite version:


Paid and premium version:




3)      Document scanner :

documnet scanner

Free trail : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pwnwithyourphone.documentscanner.trial


Buy for : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pwnwithyourphone.documentscanner



4)      Scan to PDF Free version:

scan to pdf

Download link:




5)      PDF Scanner:

pdf scanner android

This application is premium and you can buy it from android market at 1.99$

This has facility to scan large document. Even you can scan pages from your notebook for reference.





          6)      Portable scanner:

portable scanner

The premium version costs you $1.99 and free lite version also available.

Link: premium



Free and lite version (With advertisement on output file)



If you are using any other application for the scanning purpose from your android phone then please let us know.


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