Use Reliance mobile internet in cheapest way legally 2G 3G

The fact about reliance GSM service internet packs:

Reliance GSM services in India is one of the best GSM service  which has dual technology are most preferred network services for using internet on your mobile phone and computer, laptops because of its browsing and downloading speed even with 2G services in those area which having reliance 3G services those people can take advantage of the hassle free 3G network. Reliance 3G is the fastest 3G network in India till now other operator in comparison with speed and gprs packs.

Reliacne offering folling internet packs in india :

1) rs 52 pack

This packs gives 1.5GB data for download and upload with 15 days validity. after 15 days remaining data will be lost.


2) rs 5 pack  :

This plan gives 25mb data and validity is 1 day.


3) rs  99 plan :

This plan is best one for all. It gives 3 GB of data and validity is exactly 30 days after 30 days the remaining data will be lost.


4)rs 178 plan : 88 RS talk-time in main balance

This plan is best one for those are mass downloader. It gives 20 GB of data and validity is exactly 30 days after 30 days the remaining data will be lost.


5) rs 248 plan : No extra talktime

This plan is best one for those are mass downloader and cost saving. It gives 20 GB of data and validity is exactly 90 days i.e. 3 month after 90 days the remaining data will be lost.


 Now the real fact about these GPRS/ NET plans are as follows: 

If you recharge with 99/- pan you will get 30GB data for 1 month but what after 1 month if you data is still there?

the answer is at 29th day from the date of recharge you can reuse your data to merge with another internet plan so be carful about next recharge. This method is applicable for all gprs plans offered by reliance.

So here is the most cost effective way of using official rim internet :

  • Recharge your RIM- SIM card with 178 net plan so that you will get 20 GB data and 30 days validity with 88 rs talktime in main balance.
  • To get 88/- in you main balance you required to recharge with 100 rs top up so above plan gives you the cheapest internet just at 178-100=78rs with 20gb and 30 days i.e. for 1month
  • Exactly on 29th day after recharge of 178/- plan recharge your mobile with 248/- NET pack (This is most important step) 
  • So now in your account you have 20GB + your remaining data of previous month +  90 days i.e. 3 month validity.
  • In this way you can use official reliance 2g/3g internet for complete 4 month just at rupees 178-100+248=326/-
This is the cheapest internet ever with India’s number 1 dual technology services.

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  1. That saves me. Thanks for being so snesible!

  2. Thanks for this post! Hope it works for me and I can save few bucks!

  3. Any way to get that data in gud speed like at least 300 KB/s..
    If u have any please tell.
    Thanks in advance

    • Actually no . Reliance has better speed capping technology. It is observed that in some region roaming SIM may give 3G speed in 2G pack. i.e other state SIM.

  4. from amravati (maharashtra)
    i recently recharge 248 gprs plan , but i unable to use it , i am getting 1 to 2 kb/s speed, still if tried after 10 mb usage internet speed goes to 00 kb/s speed, reliance is now totally fraud , it is looting money from customers, i was never about to recharge that plan, but what happend is that i bought new sim , i was getting 500mb gprs with it monthly for 3months, and speed was about 20 kb/s , but as soon i recharge with 248 gprs plan , speed getting below 2kb/s ,most time it is impossible to connect,, customer service says , sorry for trouble , we trying to improve our service, l i think TRIA should cancel service of such mobile oprators and should charge heavy fine , this complete wastage of money, they are real thieves of country , and if even if you get speed good for some time , there is no garantee that they will serve the service honestly in future , i say boycott these companies ,

    • I can understand and I am agree with you.

      I never tried the 248 plan but I am using 178 plan for first month and afterword I always recharge with 98/- plan. I am getting 30kbps for downloading. I am also from MH.
      But yah sometime connection problem.

  5. is this still works on west bengal.? 🙁

  6. i am in gujarat do 98 rs plan works with good speed ?

    • Yes. You can use the internet at least as compared to other network operator even no page opens. Still the speed is depends on your area and network strength.

  7. Which sim has d fastest 2g network reliance or bsnl or even aircel

  8. It is a very good Newwork

  9. mahendra pal jangid says:

    in rajasthan the best way to use reliance 2g data in 3g speed
    76 rs. recharge get 1 gb data for 6 months (1 gb per month)
    178 rechage is totaly fraud
    never gate higher speed than 17 KBPs
    but use youtube without buffering
    some time you not connect …
    it is best of reliance.
    recharge 178 if you are a chipku user
    and 248 not valid in rajasthan
    and no extra talktime with 178 recharge get smart
    only 76 recharge best
    buy 2 or 3 sims use them one by one
    in this way you have 4 to 5 gb net per month at 3g speed …..
    best of luck

  10. MOHD NAZIR says:

    I have a Bangalore SIM, i have recharged with Rs 99 Pack, But GPRS is currently working in Mobile only.
    When i put the SIM in a micromax datacard mmx 352 , it do not connects.
    But Same was working in same data card when i was in Bangalore.
    i don’t know why it is not working in Data card in Delhi?
    Even it works fine in the mobile in Delhi.
    Please Help me,
    Whats are alternatives so that i can use same sim to access Internet on PC?

    • Hi,

      There might be setting issue or network registering problem with data card for roaming network. You can try to use your mobile to use internet on your computer.

  11. I recharged with 248 writes 60days validity..previously i rechrged it was 90days..has the validity been renewed..bihar circle

  12. shubham sharma says:

    i am in himachal. does the net pack of 98 gives 3 gb downloading data till now

  13. all these plans are closed in madhya pradesh

  14. Kindly suggest the cheapest internet plan for reliance in karntaka. I just use whatsapp, i used to recharge 76 where i got 75 mb data n 66rs talk time for a validity of a month. Now the validity is reduced to 15 days.
    The company sucks.

  15. hi tushar, in rajasthan these all reliance plans has been closed so could u tell me how to increase 2g net speed in my laptop along with reliance sim.

  16. The 248 plan is plan no more gives 20 GB data for 3 months. Its not been converted to 10GB data for 2 months only.

  17. vinni chauhan says:

    if i have recharched net pack by 63rs with validity of 15 days how can i keep the the same data with my next net recharge

  18. Abhishek Damle says:

    Hi Tushar…nice to see u bloggin bro!
    Keep it up! \m/
    Hope you know me! 😀

  19. nishidh says:

    I m using bsnl in gujarat. Currently 68rs 1gb for 10 days. But sometimes downloading speed comes to 3-4kbps. Want to try another network . please help

  20. Nilesh moon says:

    will you plz tell me how should i get speed on dongle (HUAWEI E1731) using reliance gsm in maharashtra?

  21. Reliance is the best hassle free network all over India. Reliance is the fastest growing network all over used by a wide range of people. is the best site to recharge your reliance network. We provide you all the packages you need for your GSM, CDMA, 2G, and 3G

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