How to use proxy servers for better advertising options

If you are like me, you probably have no idea what is a proxy server. Fortunately, I was asked to research this topic a number of months ago and what actually transpired was one of those serendipitous moments where theory collided with reality to my benefit.

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What are proxy servers?

A proxy server is a server that acts as your proxy. For example, when conducting a regular Internet search, you enter the search parameters and your computer sends the request across cyber space and you are presented with the results. Or even when you open any website from your browser, then browser share the request with the internet server with your IP, ISP and many such details  with it. So that you will get customized results based on your location, time zone and language. When using a proxy server, your request is sent via a server (usually) located in another country. The response is received by that server and relayed to your computer. So the main server gives you result based on the location, time one, language of that country in which your proxy server located. In this way you can get customized results without actually being move from one place to another place. It has many advantages and we will discuss then in the rest part of article.


So, why do this I hear you ask? The most obvious reason is privacy. Using a proxy server enables you to surf the Net in complete anonymity, an increasingly rare commodity these days. There are numerous proxy server services available, just Google the term and see for yourself.

Now let me tell you my little story with my hands on initiation to using proxy servers. I am on the mailing list of a famous sporting goods manufacturer and have been known to order shoes from them online as it is often much cheaper to do so than buy them in the country in which I live. This was never a problem until recently.A short while ago I received an online promotion from the company and wanted to enter their website. I was redirected to their local website and was unable to even enter the desired website. What was happening? Their website recognized that I was trying to access it from another country – a country with which it did not want to interact, and redirected me to where it did want me to browse.

I thought to myself, “OK, I’ll show you,” and downloaded a proxy server. Once downloaded, I tried to enter the website again using the same link provided and I entered without a problem. Big Brother was watching but he needed another set of eyes. What a great feeling of satisfaction, I had beaten the system! I have subsequently used proxy servers when a certain site wouldn’t play me a video due to geographic restrictions.

How to get best:

Initially I downloaded a free proxy server. It worked but was slow and cumbersome. Also, it was infested with advertising. If you are inclined to use a proxy, I recommend you buy proxy and enjoy its full benefits unhindered. It is not expensive and well worth the money.

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