How to use online dating services safely?

The Internet shows no signs of stopping to capture off-line reality. In every part of our lives we feel its presence and even do not notice it, so essential it became. We do online shopping, start a business in the virtual space, keep in touch with friends in social media and find the significant ones on a dating site. At the same time, that does not mean users have mastered the art of finding love in perfection and coped with the vast diversity of this market.

And what is more important, many people often neglect rules while using online dating services. Read on to make sure you apply these rules.

  • Check a profile

A person whose one aim is to catfish users is not going to reveal his face. By this reason, the profile pictures will not give you too much information. There will be just a few of them, or photos depicting famous people, showing some blurred figure standing on the top of the mountain so that you are no able to see his face.

  • Search a picture

Even of a picture of a person does not look suspicious, upload it to a search engine and see where it else pops up. If the results show you a man using with one name on a seniors dating app and the same picture but with other name on a different site, that is sign to be careful.

  • Pay attention to location

Specialists advise to use location-based feature (like Cupid offers to its users) to find a soulmate for good reasons. First, there is no point to complicate new relationships by long distance. Second, scammers may come from abroad though still pretend to be local. Since you know local culture, slang and so on, you may detect that person is not what he/she appears.

  • Address to social media

If you still have doubts and no particular signs that a user is a scammer, it is time to play in a detective Research the name of a person on all possible social media and scrutiny pages, likes, shares he/she liked, what communities a user joined. A good sign if you have friends in common. That will give you a chance to talk to them and find their opinion of that person.

  • Confidentiality agreement

Conclude this agreement with yourself not to unclose personal and financial data even you a person seems reliable. Do not forget, that online dating is an instrument helping you to find a partner and continue relationships in off-line reality. And it is better to think of breaking an agreement only after the first face-to-face date, or maybe later.

Online dating services attract millions of people by providing quick access to potential partners, facilitating communication and matchmaking process. But all these pros will be beneficial provided that safety rules are met.

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