Step By Step Guide To Convert PDF File into JPG Format

There are several reasons why one needs a conversion of a PDF file to an image. PDF are an amazing way to encapsulate text and image together but they often require an external plug-in or applications such as Adobe Premiere to run. These external plugins are simply not required when you want to view an image.


Also, there are many Microsoft Office applications that handle JPG images in a better way than PDF files. PDF images take time to load while jpg images are quick to load and modify than that of PDF files. So a conversion from PDF to JPG files provides convenience to an organization.

In this article, you will know about how to convert PDF to JPG and the benefits of this conversion.

What does a PDF to a JPG converter do?

PDF to JPG convertor assists in the conversion of a PDF document to images of different file extensions. It offers easy and quick techniques to extract images from PDF document without any need to install additional software.

It extracts images from your PDF files into a variety of different image formats such as jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tiff. This helps one to edit the contents of these images, which was otherwise not possible with a PDF document. Images and graphics thus obtained can be edited easily. This saves lots of hassles, time and effort.

Steps to Convert a PDF Document to a JPG online

You can set the desired image quality prior to performing the conversion. After conversion you will get an archive of graphics with your preselected image format. There is no limitation of the size of PDF document. This feature is especially useful for large scale organization having bigger PDF documents.  Let us see how they convert a PDF document into JPG images.

  • Click on “Choose Image Format” and select the desired output image format
  • Now click on the button “Choose File”. Here you need to select PDF file for conversion.
  • In the “quality” field, select the desirable quality of your output document.
  • Conversion process only takes few seconds. Once your PDF file is converted, you can save the image/images to your computer or device.

Features of the PDF to images converter software

  • Conversion to various supported formats

This converter enables a user to convert PDF documents not only to JPG image format but also to various other widely used image formats.

  • Fast conversion with minimum efforts

It can convert big PDF documents with same ease and speed. The process of conversion takes only a few seconds to complete.

  • Cost effective and Easy to Use

These are free to use tools that make it a very cost effective option. A user gets convenience to download all images at once after conversion in a zip folder.


Thus, PDF to image convertor is a highly useful tool that offers automatic conversion between your PDF files and JPG images with absolute ease. All its helpful features, reliability, and ease of use make it an ideal tool that every small or big organization must possess.

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