Why and How to change your FeedBurner feeds delivering email address

FeedBurner is a web base feed management service delivering the feeds for blogs since 2004. It is first used for Google BlogSpot blogs now it can be use for any website.

Here we are going to discuss about why and how to change the Feedburner feed delivering email address.

[stextbox id=”info”]First we will see the use of FeedBurner:[/stextbox]

It does mainly following functions:

  • Tracking your feed subscribers.
  • Display you blog feed in customizable way.
  • Monetize your feeds by adding Google Adsense to it.
  • Automatically deliver the feeds to subscriber’s inbox.

There are many more applications of it.

[stextbox id=”warning”]Why we should change FeedBurner Feeds delivering Email Address?[/stextbox]

FeedBurner is used mainly for the main reason that automatically delivers your latest blog/site posts to the subscriber’s inbox via email. There are one another advantage is that we can display Google Adsense ads in the delivered email that can earn money. So when we post any new post on the blog it gets automatically delivered to all your feed subscribers via email. By default in this case your google account email address is used for the delivery purpose. Of course it is linked with the Adsense account which is the most important account.

So in points why we use another email for delivering feed?

  • To protect our own email from spammers.
  • Avoid Adsense account hacking attempts.
  • Share your business email like admin@yourdomain.com with all feed readers.

[stextbox id=”download”]How to change the default feed delivering email address I FeedBurner?[/stextbox]

Now we actually move towards the point. Here are the simple steps. I assume you have successfully created the FeedBurner account and linked your blog/site feed with it.

Step 001:

Go to your FeedBurner account and login there: http://feedburner.google.com/

Step 002:

Click on your feed and select Publicize under that Tab click on the Email Subscription.

See image for more details.

How to chnage feedburner email ID

How to chnage feedburner email ID

Click on Communication preference.  And now edit your Google account email with your own custom email.. ike abc@xyz.com

Finally hit Save button.. You can customize the email look by clicking on “Email Branding”

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  1. Great idea, but then my blog/feedburner readers who send comments reply/send them to the email address. Is there a way to get the comments to post automatically to the blog? Your solution doesn’t help solve this problem.

    I tried finding a setting that would send only the first xxx characters of a post, but that doesn’t seem to exist. Something like this would at least get the readers to finish the post on my site, allowing them to see the comment section…

    • Intention of this post is just to avoid displaying your Adsense email ID to all people. If your reader reply to your post via email then you can create another email account like xyz@yourdomain.com and and forward all email to your main account so that you can catch-up all your emails.

      If you are using WordPress then in the setting you can find option to control the feeds content like display full or summery etc without any error.

  2. how to change my login id for feedburner

  3. Thanks great info.

  4. Thank you for the instructions – exactly what I was looking for.

  5. Thanks for this post. I run a blog for a small company. Whenever we post/publish feedburner sends out the the post with the sending address as “noreply+feedproxy@google.com”. I followed your steps and found that our Reply-To email address was already correctly setup to what we want. Any suggestions for how to stop posts being sent from “noreply+feedproxy”?

  6. Paulette S. says:

    I have subscribed to many blogs using Feedburner with my email a couple of years ago, however I changed my email over a year ago and FeedBurner still has my old email address.

    I had a lot of spam via contacts and ended up changing my email address.

    Then there was the massive FeedBurner melt down for many bloggers from June to Sept and Oct. 2014. And I didn’t get a lot of my email subscriptions.

    Now and again, I find a blog I’d like to subscribe to again, managed by FeedBurner and when I try to resubscribe, it bounces back with 2 message boxes. One, (X) you’re already subscribed with my current email address. And another, that says (check mark) Welcome back with my old email address.

    How do I get rid of my old email address in FeedBurner?
    Thanks, Paulette S.

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