Official way: How to search music and songs from Google Music

Google Music is an old service from Google, but still most of the people not aware of it. Many people daily searching on the internet for downloading songs from internet for free but this is known as piracy and to avoid it you can listen songs online for free without downloading and distributing them. Here is an powerful and official Google search engine dedicated to music and song search. In this post I will share the link to search the songs from Google music, especially for Indian- Bollywood music.


The Google music URL for US is: the non Indian and US users can users it for searching the favorite music and songs online. The Google music India is also available for the same feature, but the difference is only that you will find Bollywood and other India Regional songs like Tamil, Marathi etc.  

Google Music India:

Google music store

Google music store

URL is:


Go to above URL, you can find the list of latest songs added in the list. You can search the songs by title name, author name, year and language etc… The main advantage of it is you are using a genuine and legal source for songs. You all are aware that songs and music piracy is increasing say by day. So let’s help the music industry to survive. All the songs are from and , they are updating daily  so that you can search latest songs directly on their websites too.

You can find and listen songs like this:


Google music store india


Note: you cannot download any songs directly from Google music any tricks and methods to download the songs from Google music is piracy and I request you please avoid piracy.

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