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School management software packages are becoming quite popular nowadays! Indeed, the reason is the overwhelming effect of technology in different sections of our day-to-day life. However, due to the presence of hundreds of solutions for the management of educational institution, the selection process of a school ERP has become an extremely hard task. In addition, you will have to purchase a quite reliable service; otherwise you will lose all your information. Here, however, we would like to give you an introduction to one of the pioneers of Student information systems – Fedena – that is an awesome solution for managing different information in your college or school. Before we explore different sectors of this solution, we will have a brief overview on Fedena.

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Fedena from Foradian

As we said earlier, Fedena is an award-winning solution for educational institution management! The development of this tool is based on Ruby on the Rails framework, which is indeed quite powerful. Actually, Fedena is commercial version of an open-source project with the same name. However, when compared to the free, basic version of tool, Fedena is worth praising, indeed.

You can visit to know more about this web-based solution, which is made for schools and colleges. Unlike the open-source, you have no complexities of Fedena installation or hosting purchase. Once you’ve purchased the service from Fedena, you will be getting a ready-to-go service at your fingertips.

The service now powers more than thousands of educational institutions around the globe, and is still expanding their boundaries. Fedena has won several awards including international ones, which is a big deal to articulate the effectiveness of the product. In the next section, we will explore various sections of Fedena from the perspective of a normal user.

User Interface – It’s for ALL

Of course, we should take the user interface of the tool into the account while reviewing a web-based platform for a relatively important task like institution management. Nevertheless, Fedena is not going to disappoint you because it has an awesome user interface, which, literally, requires no expertise at all! This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time for training your staff to use the tool. If they have decent knowledge on operating a computer, they will have no trouble in using Fedena to organize all the student information in an easily accessible manner.

Reliability of Service & Security of Data

Since you would be storing confidential information regarding your students or organization through the platform, it is essential to worry about the security of the data as well as the reliability of a school ERP. However, when it comes to the case of Fedena, there is no room for doubts because all your information is based on cloud-servers with high-level encryption. In addition, the larger number of the Fedena users is enough to strengthen the reliability of service.

Plans & Pricing – Affordable Indeed

Because different institutions have different requirements for Fedena, the company has published different kinds of plans for the solution. For instance, Open, Professional, and enterprise versions of Fedena would be suitable for small, huge, and extra-huge educational institutions. In addition, when compared to the other student management software, Fedena seems to be quite affordable, especially while considering exclusive features of Fedena such as the top-notch, 24*7 support.

Additional Features of Fedena

Fedena Marketplace

Fedena Marketplace is the all-in-one platform for integrating additional features to the current Fedena package. Of course, this makes enough sense because you can purchase extra modules, when there is such a requirement.

Support for Different Devices & Languages

In this mobile-driven world, you might not always be able to get a PC to work with! Understanding this fact, Fedena does offer support for different kinds of devices, accompanied by dedicated applications for each platform. In addition, it can provide you support for different languages, including your native ones. Support for local languages is of course a noticeable addition when you use the tool in small educational institutions.

Sense-making Integrations

Although the service might be enough for your purpose, there are enough room for expanding the productivity using integration with third-party services. For instance, you might want to integrate the school ERP with Google Apps or Tally for the sake of quick use. Also, there are some notable additions such as student blogs, exam management with the mentioned features.


Of course, through what we said above, it is clear that Fedena is one of the best school ERPs you can get from current market. Do you use any school ERP in your institutions? Don’t forget to share its features through your comments.

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  1. Hadi Abdullah says:

    This company is group of swindler cheater take your money for nothing

    • Hi Mr.hadi Abdullah, I am planning to buy this fedena, could you help me by sharing your story with me why not to go for this.
      Thank you.

    • Abdullah xoulyd you elaborate on this?

    • Fedena is already trusted among large number of of instititutions . If you faced any bad experiance , then share that instead of blaming the company 🙂

      • share that… haahaa, you know what you are liar
        You have only one person to call “Fashid” and he always call us to upgrade fedena pro plan.
        You are fake fake… Just tell me one thing why you always check school back-end data.

    • yes you are right

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