Extract, View and Download selected files from online (remote) compress archived file

We download number of files from internet every day. Most of them are ZIP or RAR, I mean compressed files. Many times we want to download very few files from zip or rar archives but we need to download the complete archive and ten extract. This is really painful in case of big archive.

In this article I will discuss tools to do your tack simple. That means you can even see the compressed file’s contents without downloading it. This will be very useful I case of big file and actually it has useless files. So that you can see the zip contents and downloads a selected file or any number of files.

What is compressed archive file?

Before going to discuss anything about compressed archive let me explain you what are compressed files or compressed archives? Compression is a technique which reduces the file size. Archive means any file which a file which is composed of one or more files with their information stored in a file. So the compressed achieves means number of files compressed and one files created. This mainly does for reducing the file size and also for distributing number of files on internet.  

Need of viewing or downloading few files from remote compressed archive?

Suppose you are searching of best wallpaper and want only one. You find a wallpaper pack on a website which is a big zip file of big size. Then it will be better if you can view the internal files and download any one of them. This is just example but in actual this is very important. I can’t give you some examples but this techniques best for some other works too.

2 free tools to view and download files from remote archive files

1)      Loadscout:

This is a free software that can be use to view and download the files from remote compressed archive.

To download it visit:  http://www.loadscout.com/download.shtml

After downloading and installing you can test it like this. Just see this archive for testing.

http://xtendedview.com/zip.zip  It contains 3 files.

Just open the software Loadscout and click on add URL and put this link http://xtendedview.com/zip.zip

download remote archive

Put the archive url to unzip online

Press OK. Make sure you are connected to internet. In next windows you can observe the list of files inside archive.

 How to donload the remote archive

Right click to unzip

Now you can find the size of files inside it. You can extract any one or any number of files from it just by right click.

2)      Bigspeed Zipper:

Similar free software to do same is Bigspeed Zipper. It works exactly similar to Loadscout. To download it go here:


I think no tutorial need to operate it. Download and install it you can do it yourself.

In this way you can download the files of your interest from remote compressed archive just like you can do it in torrents.

Note: It may not work with archives from some file uploading services like Rapidshare.com, Hotfile.com because their file address is not static.

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