Tailor-made websites with Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence

Suppose you are a Yoga Trainer and want to build a website for you or your firm! In a normal case, you will have to go through different steps. You have to hire a web designer, web developer and set up web hosting. On top of all this, you usually need to pay a handsome amount too.

Well, there are some website builders out there, but the designs are somewhat rudimentary and not tailored for your needs. That is why my preference is to use Wix — one of the best one-click website builders — that comes with an all-new tech named Artificial Design Intelligence.

In this article, we will have a deep look onto the Wix feature named ADI and see how it lets you create some tailor-made websites for your specific needs. And, we will talk in terms of practical instances.

What is Wix ADI?

As mentioned earlier, ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence.

Basically speaking, the technology depends on Artificial Intelligence for creating the suitable designs. Yeah, folks, the time has come when computers can do the designs for you. It is not completely automated, but the majority of the work will be done by the computer! The purpose of Wix ADI is to streamline a kind of design optimization.

Depending on who you are and what you need, a suitable website design is selected and created. For instance, suppose you are a freelance content writer who wants to attract clients through the website. According to the standards, you should have some elements like Portfolio and Contact Page. Even more importantly, all the designs should have something in common. And, that’s where Wix ADI comes to the scene.

After receiving inputs from customer, Wix ADI algorithms go through thousands of website templates from the wix database. The best part is that ADI also finds out the best possible combination of content elements. For instance, it would know where it is best to place the Sign Up button or Contact Button. So, in less than a few seconds, you can have the perfectly-designed website for your needs.

Making things awesome again, every website designed by Wix ADI is unique — in terms of color, design and many other aspects.

How Does Wix ADI Work?

Let’s see how Wix ADI works, from the common man’s perspective.

Let’s take another scenario. You own a small business that deals with quality consultancy and you need to create a website quickly. So, you can log onto Wix.com and go to the ADI section. Here, you will be asked a few questions before you move on. The questions will be regarding,

  • Purpose of website
  • Preference over extra features like online store and blog
  • Name/Title of the business/person
  • Location or Service Area
  • Design Style

Once you have provided all these inputs, you have to wait a few seconds. If you want to go technical, there are a few steps involved in. First of all, design-based structures are created. In these structures, you would find the basic layers of designs and boundaries. Then, content sections and smaller elements are filled in. It also brings together some elements like colors and other features.

Now that Wix has found the perfect design for you, the algorithms will find the best line of graphics too. Yes, you would also get some suitable photographs in the design, making things easier. And, of course, you have all the freedom and option to make the right edits to design and content.

So, that’s basically how Wix works using the Artificial Design Intelligence Technology.

Some Noteworthy Features in ADI

Following are some noteworthy features found in Artificial Design Intelligence section of Wix.

  • As said earlier, websites designed with Wix ADI are completely unique. You don’t have to worry about plagiarism of design or common design. This is something impressive when you need a unique way to present yourself or your business.
  • You can always include additional elements such as online store. All it requires is a click. You can also add different sections like Online Booking, Our Services etc. All these elements are blended right into the existing design.
  • Customization of Wix website is an easy task, if you have the basic skills. Even when you don’t know much about designs and all, Wix makes it easy to find the right elements and fit them in. If you think the design is too mainstream, you can put your aesthetic sense into it.
  • Optimized Designs make it easy for most people to find the right website for their needs. We are not just talking about the various categories, but also about how it’s like to find suitable elements. Wix ADI manages to bring together different elements from various parts of web, to make the right type of design for your need.
  • Of course, you have the benefits of simple User interface. It’s a fact that Wix has one of the simplest UIs when it comes to the world of website builder. The company has managed to set up a minimized UI for Wix ADI, especially due to the five-question system. For those who have no idea about sites as well as development, this is truly a blessing.
  • As you might know, Wix is offering a complete package, along with domain names and hosting. You will never have to worry about renewals or hosting management as far as you’re doing it with Wix. It is a great feature for those who don’t have dedicated time for taking care of technical stuff.

With all these awesome features, Wix ADI is bringing an ultra-smooth process of website design and building. Not a day will you have to worry about the effectiveness.

Wrapping Up

Considering all these points, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence is one of the best technologies we have seen in the world of website building. It can also be called one of the re-inventing standards of the designing task. For the common man, this AI-based technique opens up a way to create the best-design website in a matter of few minutes. According to the website design we had looked, they are not just aesthetically beautiful but also marketing-friendly. In fact, there are people who get a lot of conversions with these tailor-made sites from Wix.

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