14 Ways: How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog in 2019

Just because you are here, we recognize the blogger or internet marketer inside you, who likes to show the power of quality of your website/blog by means of higher Alexa rank. This metrics by an Amazon-owned company, Alexa, has managed to become a matter of discussion among bloggers and internet marketers in a relatively small time-period. As advertisers consider this metrics while selecting websites/blogs for their campaigns, it would be great if you could make some efforts to improve Alexa rank of your website or blog, particularly blogs, as blogs depend upon ads when it comes to aspects of revenue. In both cases, however, you can follow some effective means to increase Alexa Rank of your blog or website. In this article, we will drop some light on how to improve Alexa rank of blog or website.

  1. increase alexa rankBlog Traffic – First!
  2. As a metrics to determine quality of World Wide Web, Alexa considers your website traffic first while determining its rank. Therefore, you should put maximum efforts increase traffic to your blog if you want it to have good Alexa rank. For doing this, you can choose different methods; for instance, based on SEO and otherwise. Among those tips, one, everyone can follow and everyone SHOULD follow is consistent blogging.

    By using ‘consistent blogging’, we mean, you have to enrich your blog or website with regular content, which will be resourceful for reader community.. In addition, you can use some means such as guest blogging, directory listing, social media sharing (well, that will happen naturally if your blog posts are interesting) etc.

  3. Frequency and Quality of Blog Posts
  4. It is no difficult job to publish content on the Web. But, it is indeed a tough job to publish useful, resourceful content. The latter is what companies like Alexa do prefer the former while ranking websites. So, when you write for your blog/site, you should ensure quality of that post. Simply, you have to say GOOD BYE to plagiarism, grammatical and spelling errors etc. Plus, you should teach yourself the need of making the post useful for almost every reader. If you do this part well, you can obviously see an increase in Alexa. At the same time, it is good to have nice frequency of posts in site. It would be great if you can do a post a day!

  5. Install Alexa Toolbar on your own browser
  6. When we compare it with other metrics for quality of web, we have to say that Alexa’s method for ranking blogs and websites is quite different and complex in certain aspects. Actually, ranking of Alexa is based on statistics that it does get from users, who have installed Alexa toolbar in their web browsers. We browse our website daily, so there is best way to get our visits count for Alexa is install Alexa toolbar on your own browser.

  7. Encourage users to install Alexa Toolbar
  8. Since Alexa count users based on who installed their toolbar and accessing your website. There is a problem, because not all who read your blog will have installed Alexa toolbar in their PC. It is always best practice to encourage the readers to install the Alexa Toolbar. No doubt that will increase the changes to get your site access with more and more Alexa toolbar installed users.

  9. Try to attract bloggers and webmasters on your blog
  10. The logic behind this scene is webmasters and bloggers Alexa toolbar installed already on their computer. This makes the stuff simple. This can be achieved by writing more and more articles about blogging and technology stuff on your blog. Of course this is not possible in case of other niche bloggers like heath, finance etc.

  11. Use Alexa Widget on your blog
  12. Bloggers do claim that putting Alexa Widget on your blog (all pages) will help to improve the Alexa rank. No harm in putting on your blog. It also shows the number of links to your website from Alexa backlink database.

  13. Claim your website in Alexa
  14. By claiming your website in Alexa you can write your own website title, description that is visible to rest world.

  15. Optimize your website for search engines
  16. While writing the articles for your blog keep basic on page SEO tactics in mind. If you have followed standard on page SEO Tips while writing post, read more about it from MOZ.

  17. Share your content on social networking sites
  18. Sharing is caring. Regularly sharing your posts on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus can help you to make reader base. They will re-share your content and attract more visitors. This will also help you to increase ranking in the search engines.

  19. Comments on other blogs to build readers and backlinks
  20. Commenting on other blogs will help your own blog by two means. One is it will attract some readers on your blog which is plus point for Alexa and build backlinks too.

  21. Buy Alexa Pro package subscription
  22. Buying Alexa pro subscription is nice if you have budget. It costs $9.99 per month and comes with many features such as site review, uptime monitor, enhanced site listening and many more. You can check rest features here: http://www.alexa.com/pro/basic. Interesting part in Pro package is that they give a tracking code (like Google Analytics ) which can count your exact visitors and shows very actuate data in public Alexa page of your site.

  23. Promote the Site – As much as you can
  24. We find nothing wrong to call social media ‘the king of Internet’. We all know that number of people who utilize web for engaging in social media is quite higher than rest. So, after following all those methods mentioned earlier, you’ve to try your best to promote the site/blog in social media platforms, especially Facebook, twitter and many other sites.

    Bl@ckhat methods:

  25. Traffic exchange sites
  26. Now you know bringing actual traffic to your site is one way to improve Alexa rank. This can be manipulated with traffic exchange sites. I am not motivated to list them here. But if you try Google it, I am sure you will get list of them.

  27. Fake Alexa boosting programs

These services are works similar to traffic exchange sites. But in this they make sure that all the exchangers having Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.


It is not a matter of dispute that Alexa Rank is quite important as far as popularity of site is your priority. We do hope that following these methods will help you make your blog have good Alexa rank in less time. Did we miss any kind of useful ways to improve Alexa rank? If so, let us know them through your comments.

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  1. “Great, thank you for sharing this short article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.”

    • Tushar Thakur says

      You are welcome. 🙂

    • Good Content,The points described above are true and very effective.As you know alexa is an important factor to have a good reputation,these points really value a lot.And buying package in alexa can be really very benificial.Nice BloG..

  2. Nice and important post

    Alexa rank is very important for any website or blog. As Alexa calculates the performance of our site globally and ranks the site ,we have the possibility of knowing where we stand amongst the other competitors or websites.
    The post mentions some methods both white hat and some black hat techniques by which we can boost up our Alexa rank.

    Though it is suggested not to use black hat methods as it may get quick results but may end up getting your website suspended. Using proper optimization techniques and promoting your unique content on social media websites is the best way to make your website popular. If your site is properly optimized by following all rules of webmaster tools then surely your Alexa rank would get better.

    Great post and thank you for sharing.

    • Tushar Thakur says

      Glad to hear that you liked it. Yes it is highly not recommended to use blackhat stuff.

  3. Hi Tushar,

    Nice post as like other post. But here I notice that you provide black hat method to increase the Alexa rank. I heard some where that if you use black hat for your site than it’s harmful. So, why you mention this harmful techniques inside the post??


    • Tushar Thakur says

      I agree with you Bhavesh . But I just wanted to make the post complete in all aspects. As you know there are hell lot of posts on how to rank for Google. But very less people talk about actual methods of doing do. No matter it is white hat or black hat.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • Hi Tushar,

        Yeah I know bro… There are thousands of post which are addressing the same information so you have to insert new information than. Every unique post and full of information that help the reader is make your reputation stronger in-front of their eyes. 🙂

  4. You nailed it with the 5th point Tushar. I have a website getting 50 visitors a day in webmaster niche having alexa 200k and a website getting 2000 visitors a day but only 800k alexa in some other niche for the very same reason.

  5. but how can i improve the global rank of my website.

  6. Hello Tushar.

    It is necessery information about improve alexa rank. I will come back on your blog.


  7. I have followed all the steps you have given in this post. But still my blog’s alexa is not improving. idk what the matter or what i am missing with !!

  8. As per my tricks use forum for that purpose. Continue increase your forum posting day by day. Exam: If you create 2 forum posting in 1st day then 3 day you must create 4 forum related to your niche. I think your alexa ranking going down.

  9. There were a couple here that were new to me. I wish there was a way to translate Alexa Traffic rank to real traffic numbers. I think the biggest challenge is the rank doesn’t directly translate to traffic numbers.

  10. niceone amazing………………………………It is necessery information about improve alexa rank. I will come back on your blog.


  11. If you have a lot of blogger and webmaster visitors your alexa rank will be improve magically. I agree with you on this point. I will apply your tricks to improve my alexa rank. Thank you.

  12. Hi Tushar,
    After reading this article, I installed the widget on my site. I tried this in the past without any success. While I really wanted to prove you wrong, sorry for being so bold, I noticed today that Alexa rating for my site have improved over last 24 hours. About 25% up. Is it possible to happen overnight? If it is I guess you are right after all :), and then some.
    Great job! I love reading your blog!

  13. Thanks for sharing this post. it will really help me out to boost my Alexa rank.

  14. One thing I have realized that by doing proper blog commenting one can bring good traffic, build authority and improve alexa rank. But also your website has be well SEO optimized, fast loading & mobile friendly to create a good impact.

  15. I have only one word to say, WoW. I read the article what a awesome article, improving my Alexa ranking but traffic is not that much. thank you for sharing. I have a lot of work you will find a lovely support.This post is very inspiring me. I always take your advices very seriously, keep posted.

  16. Hi Thushar,
    Nice to meet you today at my page,
    I am so happy to be here too!
    Hey, I do follow most of the things mentioned in this post.
    But at the same time in need to do some more exercise I suppose.
    Hey, Thushar, by the by, I am slightly confused at #7 Promote the Site – As much as you can
    Will you pl. explain a bit further…
    And ha, I do and even say often… that is as you said in #12 and the last point in this post:
    “Promote the Site – As much as you can” Yes, unless we do, who else will do!! Yes, we need to
    promote our pages as much as we can: I firmly believe that that may be one of the reason why
    i could reach the rank of 169K Global and 26K in India.
    Anyways thank you so much for providing these valuable tips.
    Keep sharing.
    Have Happy Weekend
    ~ Philip

  17. but 2015 trick is by giving long and quality article you can make your alexa rank better

  18. Thanks for sharing…! It was an post here.!

    Actually, Alexa is not an accurate traffic measure tool. However, I found that the most of advertisers love a better alexa scoring.

    I agree what you said here…! Frequently update your blog help to improve better ranking. Also, social media signal is really important for improving alexa score. My new blog drop from millions to 500k alexa after published 2 post. The reason, I got lots of social media shared.

    Another important you mention, is about commenting other blog. It’s absolutely right..! Commenting on other bloggers’ blog help to bring more traffic and backlinks. Alexa is different from Google, it worth nofollowing.

    If you could get more backlinks, you’ll improve your rank…

    Thanks for beautiful tips..

  19. Hi Tushar.
    I read your Article, Thanks for sharing it, but I have one question kindly tell me. I want to know forum posting and blog commenting which one is the best for improving Alexa rank.

  20. What a valuable article many bloggers like us are searching for this kind of information coz aside from increasing PR ranking, increasing Alexa ranking is also important to us

  21. I felt that the content posted by you is very helpful for others and I would like to appreciate you for that.

  22. thanks for this article…it will help me a lot

  23. Thanks for the tips. we are working very hard to create a social networking site, hope the tips will help us to increase the alexa ranking fast.

  24. very nice article, this really working .. installed plugin and now my Alexa is boosting.
    Thanks for this update friend.

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  26. Thanks for the tips. we are working very hard to create a social networking site, hope the tips will help us to increase the alexa ranking fast

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    Excellent site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it to a few friends ans
    also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thank you to your sweat!

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