Business Laser Printers and Personal Printers – is there a Difference?

It can be really daunting finding a printer that is perfect for your needs; there are that many different types on the market. Obviously the needs of a home user are going to be different and less wearing on the device than those of a business; although the amount of difference in the volume of use is not always as large as you might think depending on the size of the business, see Konica Minolta for more on this.

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So how do you actually decide what type of printer is best for you and what are the fundamental differences you need to consider? The perspective you are coming from, whether you are a personal user, a small start-up business, or a larger business, is going to make a big difference to the answer to that question.

The personal printer

You may think that a personal printer doesn’t have to be that adaptable but that isn’t the case; these machines still have to be able to deal with a lot of different scenarios, from the printing off of travel documents to the printing of course work for students. Generally personal printers are very versatile machines that are easy to set up and operate and provide a quick and efficient service when you are working with monochrome text or graphics.

These machines aren’t necessarily just suitable for a personal user either; if you have a small business then quite often a personal printer is more than adequate for the amount pf printing that you have to do.

The business laser printer

Of course not all small businesses can manage with a personal printer; depending on the nature of the business there may be a high volume of printing necessary. Certainly as a business grows there is no doubt that a reliable business printer is a necessity. Yes, these machines have a larger memory than their personal printer cousins, and they are capable of handling multiple print jobs as well as a high volume of printing at a high speed.

But there is more to it than that. Business laser printers give you the ability to link them to a network so that multiple staff members can send print jobs to them. In order to cope with this high demand they also have high capacity cartridges and high load paper trays. You can see why there would be a need for these facilities in a larger organization.

So which typo printer should you opt for?

Only you can decide what level of printing output your need. In the case of a large number of individuals and small businesses the facilities provided by a personal printer are more than sufficient. But when you have the need for several people to be able to print at the same time, and when your volume of printing is higher you are going to need to invest in a business laser printer that has the capabilities and endurance to deal with the workload.

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  3. if you ask me, both are the same, just for tempting us to pay more !

  4. Obviously the needs of a home user are going to be different and less wearing on the device than those of a business

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