How To Handle Every Golf GPS Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

As technology continues to advance, playing games especially golf becomes more fun. With new tools developed to guide through the process to victory, the game has become one of the most fun sport. Tools such as Cardiac Monitors and GPS trackers for runners, smart watches that count pool laps for swimmers, and golf GPS for golfers, are making sports easy. If you have been worrying about how to handle golf GPS challenge, use these tips, and it will be easy for you.

Plan the challenge

Golf GPS challenge will no longer be a headache for you. Planning might help you know how to handle the obstacles in the event something unplanned occurs, and you will thus take on the situation accordingly. Use a golf GPS application to focus on the Hole that you are going to play from a different viewpoint.

Do not guess the distance

Distance is critical when it comes to the golf GPS challenges. Guessing the distance means you will not stage-manage the hole as expected and you will have a hard time taking on the challenge. Many golfers choose to guess the distance, and this makes the challenge more complicated. In this situation, it is necessary to look at the map and gauge the distance. The tee boxes are usually placed at varying distances and in this case, if you are playing 340, choose to go with a 3-wood. Using a golf GPS app can help you to strategize the hole. Knowing the correct yardage is important because you may decide not to play in occasions of less than 7,000 yards.

Get familiar with course ratings and slopes

When it comes to slopes, the golf course design stands for a fair challenge to all golfers. If you are to beat the challenge, it is necessary to know your preferred spots layup so you can deal with water hazards, dog-legs, and other obstacles. Instead of struggling to identify the locations by yourself, opt to use the golf GPS app. Ensure you know the remaining distance to lay-up points.

Know the greenery and water distance

While the trees do not grow to disruptive lengths, it is necessary to know the water hazard distance and strategize. Trees are usually planted on the course and for a purpose; offer visual appeal. They are also meant to make the challenge exciting. Use The GPS technology to view realistic images of hazards, and pin locations as you stage-manage your play. This is important as you can know how far you have hit the ball and the remaining distance to the water or greenery.

Navigate through the bunkers

A standard golf course has 30 bunkers. The bunkers are typically placed at strategic points the make every hole more challenging for you. The bunkers can at times cause you to change your strategy to attack the hole depending on the tree you are playing from. To handle this challenge quickly and straightforwardly, use the imagery aerial in the GPS map. The next thing to do is to ensure to manage the hole on each tee box.

Focus on moving your toes upward and downward

After knowing the distances, another thing to do is focusing on moving your toes in an upward and downward movement. If you lean towards the ball a lot, then you are likely to be unable to shift your feet. Consider leaning back too far as this it will make it easy. You are supposed to be somewhere at the center.

Use eyes to improve accuracy

While using GPS makes the challenge easy, your eyes too are fundamental in helping improve the efficiency. As you continue with the challenge, your eyes are likely to get the feel of the distance involved to the next hazard. It is necessary to concentrate on having your eyes getting used to the distance.

Bottom line

While these tips are essential and can help you to handle the golf GPS challenge with ease, it is vital to note that golf course designs are not the same. Some are visually misleading while others are simple. However, the aim of these designs is to make the hole a more challenging experience to you. Knowing the distance to the obstacles is a great tip that helps you to avoid leaving absolutely anything to chance.

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