Handy Tools to Improve your WiFi Network Performance

A weak network signal can be frustrating to say the least, leaving you with dropped calls and an Internet connection that moves like molasses. You can have the newest, most powerful device, but if you don’t have a strong network signal you won’t be able to enjoy all of its benefits. Fortunately, there are a number of apps and other tools which are specifically designed to improve your WiFi and network performance.

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Wireless Repeater

If your wireless network is acting up at home, you could try using a wireless repeater or extender. This is a tool that expands the signal over a larger area, by bouncing it and improving the overall range. Another option is to add a powerline adapter, which sends the Wi-Fi signal around your house using its wiring. That way, you can create an instant wireless hotspot wherever you have an open electrical socket.

Open Signal Maps

Those having trouble with the connection on their mobile phones can download apps like OpenSignalMaps. Rather than wandering all over the house trying to find your network’s sweet spot, you can see exactly which direction the signal is moving in. There’s a map and radar showing you where the nearest cellular towers are, so that you can follow the direction of the signal to find the best spot.

WiFi Analyzer

Another app that can help you maximize your WiFi network performance is WiFi Analyzer. This app can be used at home or when using public access points. It helps you choose the most efficient channel while avoiding any overlap with other connections. By focusing your connection, you can take advantage of better signal strength. Rather than choosing a public WiFi network through trial and error, you can view a handy graph to find the best channel.

Broadband Accelerator

Broadband accelerators connect directly to your phone socket, getting rid of extra interference for a stronger signal. In some cases, they can improve your broadband speed by as much as 60 percent, though results will vary depending on your network and level of interference.

Network Boosting Apps

Finally, if you want another way to boost your device’s network signal, try downloading apps like Fresh Network Booster or Network Booster Free. These work by automatically reconnecting your data to the closest cell site towers, giving you a fresh signal boost. The apps work automatically when they’re launched, finding a better signal and corresponding data speed. In some cases, these apps can even find you a signal in otherwise dead zones, which makes them useful when you’re away from home in an underserved or remote area.

Service providers also have tools like Liquid Net to maximize performance, with telecommunications networks being expanded every day. In the meantime, there’s no need to suffer from poor network performance with the bevy of apps and signal-boosting tools on the market today. Slow connections are a common problem, which is why there are so many tools available to help your device operate at its peak capacity.

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