5 Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers

With over a billion users, Instagram has gradually changed its focus from just being an app for fun. It can now be used for marketing, networking, and audience building for your brand. The website has close to 200 million active monthly users, sharing over 60 million images, which received over 1.6 billion engagements in a day. These numbers are even higher, in terms of brands being marketed than on other social media platforms such as Facebook.

All this is, however, possible if one has a large follower base on the site. There is no magical process for one to wake up and find millions of followers – not unless you are a very famous celebrity brand. Nevertheless, several methods can be employed to grow your Instagram followers within a short time.

Listed below are five of these procedures, which guarantee you, extra followers, to make your message reaching out to more people:

1) Leverage other social platforms

If you have a strong follower base on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you can leverage this to grow your Instagram page. You can ask your subscribers to follow you on your Instagram page to get more information or for better interaction.

Consequently, you can share your posts on these sites, and others, to ensure that more people get to know of your existence on Instagram and are assured of clicking on the link which will take them straight to your page.

2) Buy Instagram followers

If you didn’t know this existed, now you know. It is effortless to buy Instagram followers with the help of specific software or third-party websites. There are plenty of cheap options available where you can purchase up to 1000 real followers with little money.

This is a tricky part, however, as you will need a reliable source. Some websites will dupe you into paying for non-active or made-up Instagram followers. However, you can utilize third-party sites such as Famoid to buy followers on Insta and expect a positive, expected outcome.

3) Instagram ads

One of the surest ways to get more followers reacting to your content on the platform is by sponsoring ads. Through Instagram’s analytics, it is now easier to not only get your content reaching out to many users but also, you can target specific groups of users. You can choose who sees your sponsored ad depending on the location, age, among other demographics.

4) Study and only use quality hashtags

The use of hashtags has been used on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, but it performs wonders on Instagram. What are your target users searching for? What is currently trending the most? These and many other questions ought to be asked before thinking of the right hashtags to use. When used together with location tags, hashtags are a sure way of getting more engagements on your posts; hence, more followers.

5) Post interactive content regularly

According to research, many people engage more with a page that posts relevant but entertaining content regularly. Have a good outline of the times and the type of material to be published, and you will be amazed at how many people will follow your page.

Either way, all these methods are proven to work. However, if you are a busy person to start worrying about analytics and all that, the best approach is to entrust your page to third-party sites such as Famoid to buy followers on Insta.

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