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  1. Have you had much success with it?

    I’ve been a member of the Flipkart affiliate program for about 6 months now….just got my 1st payment of Rs 3200 and hope it continues this way

    • I am member since 1 month and earn only up-to 600/-

    • Abhineet Vyas says:

      I cannot create an account with flipkart affiliate. After filling the fields at “https://www.flipkart.com/affiliate/signup” it says unable to sign up. Please help

  2. shikhar rastogi says:

    i lke it very much

  3. How to change Flipkart affiliate ID? Is there any way to do it? Kindly help.

    • You need to close current account and open another that’s it. I think you are from Nigeria then why you need? 🙂

      • Teana Shah says:

        Can u help me to resolve my problem? Whenever I copy and paste any product link beside “Generate button”, NO Select and Reset button come out in order for me to get my ID in it as ‘=teanashah’

  4. Hi, has anyone used Tyroo ad affiliate network.?? Was looking for pay per click networks to join?? Thnx in advance.

  5. abdulkadir says:


  6. Jibjish alam says:

    i like flipkart very much and would like to shopping here every day

  7. I bought Mobile, Iron and watch from flipkart.com. it`s really high profile website for geniun product. i love this

  8. hi, bro, i used flipkart affiliation, but when someone open the flipkart add, the flipkart website open in same tab, and does not redirect(with back button), can u fix this problm.

  9. I have few question regarding flipkart affiliate:

    1) how to affiliate whole page manually? I mean is it count as my referal if i add ”affid=my id” at the end of the page’s link?

    2) One of my frnd bought a product using my affid link yesterday.. But his purchase is nt showing in my earnings? Why so? & when i’ll come to see it?

    Plz reply

    • 1) Yes you can do it by appending your affid=

      2) Flipkart only update affiliate payment after successful completion of the product purchase. Like if he order using COD then it will take time till flipkart get money.

  10. Thankx for reply..

    For example here is the link for a samsung phone without my refreal id…

    flipkart.com/samsung mobile

    if i write it in this way.. will it count as my referal?

    flipkart.com/samsung mobile&affid=my id

    will this count as my referal? plz reply

  11. I am a newbie created a blog help me how to open if someone clicks on my affiliate link open in a new window thx in advance

  12. Can i buy product for myself using my flipkart affiliate id???

  13. I m a new blogger with very minimal visitors daily around 100-150 per day visitors.. plz suggest me few pay per click sites to monetize my blog.. i m uaing few big name sites like bidvertiser.. adhitz.. clicksor.. adsense( its disabled for me now) so plz tell me few lesser known pay per click site which accepts new bloggers as well

    • I prefer you to work on your site content. wait for few months to get some traffic and then reapply for Adsense. You will surely get it back.

      Best luck!

  14. Your friend says:

    You need to change because flipkart commission rate is now increased, after amazon launched in India.

  15. sir
    very nice website & nice tips.

  16. Nice post man. It is one of the best affiliate programs for Indians.

  17. hi,
    i just started the affiliate program in flip kart . i am very new to this. i don’t have any website or blog. how can i post my banner by using my ID. every time “Copy the following code to add the Flipkart.com search bar to your website! All the searches will be accounted in your affiliate tracking ID.” this will come. i didnt know how to do it . anyone pls guide me in a right path,.

  18. May I know what is the affl site URL of individual.
    For example, my affl id is xxxxxxxxx
    Will it be Flipcart.com/xxxxxxxx
    Thanks for your time.


    Good day,
    Myself also just started the affiliate program in flip kart but can help me to resolve my problem? Whenever I copy and paste any product link beside “Generate button”, NO Select and Reset button come out in order for me to get my ID in it as ‘=teanashah’ Thank You

  20. i have 500 rs in voucher but i cannot use it can u please tell me the steps to use the voucher

  21. Vishal Mandavkar says:

    My favorite account is filpkart

  22. pl any body tell me some websites with flipkart affiliate… I want to design a website dedicated to flipkart affiliate and earn from that but i am cluless abt the design…

  23. Hi
    I have just joined Flipkart Affiliates; during filling out the form i.e. Account Information one of a category called (Which of the following best describes the topic of your Website?) when I choose any product and click save button the product not gets saved and it remains inactive. Please someone help me to remedy the issue.

    Thanks all

  24. Sir how put to ad in my website to Google adsense code

  25. Hiii ,
    How Can We Change Email id of Flipkart Affricate account .

  26. i want flipkart coard number

  27. Thanks for this great information.:)

    Have you ever tried offer8net.com. It is an unique portal for affiliates who do not have their own website.

    If someone is already affiliate of ecommerce websites like snapdeal, amazon, flipkart, infibeam, etc, then offer8net.com allows to post their unlimited affiliate links free on offer8net.com network!

  28. bro i have a problem can you tell me how to fill vendor form of flipkart
    i downloaded the form but i dont know how to fill this form flipkart says i have to upload pan card and bank passbook scan copy its fine but how to upload vendor form.

  29. Did you know anything about a shopping site named harveyshopping.com? I think they are top players in India in the segment of personalized gifts and designer stitching.

  30. Ranganath M Pawar says:

    Flipkart is change in life

  31. i want to ask that if i doesn’t have any bank account or i don’t want to give the information about my bank account,so what i do for this plz give me a great suggestion for this

  32. Pls tell me process

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