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We all are eagerly finding thousands of things and tricks that can bring more and more traffic to our website. Because we have one basic formula and it is more traffic = More popularity = More Profit or money. In this post I am going to tell you a simple thing to add one another way of traffic to your website


What is

Before going to see how to bring traffic and make better SEO- Search engine Optimization we will discuss what is Technorati is a blog search engine just like a directory. Technorati categorize the blogs and posts by using author tag. Every author has to give some tag to his website and post so that depending upon the various factors like social media popularity, traffic and many other things Technorati gives authorization points to all the blogs and website. It also provides dofollow backlinks from high authority pages that are most important in search engine optimization.

Why Technorati?

·         It provides index of all blogs. So any user who search for different keywords or types of blog you will get free traffic just like from Google.

·         If you page authority score is good you will get a high PR dofollow backlink from it. That will pass google link juice directly to your blog. Further it will increase your page rank.

 How to get verified in Technorati?

Creating Technorati account is very simple and same as you create email account.

Procedure is:

·         Go to and select join

·         Fill the info and verify your email address.

·         Then go to your Technorati dashboard and click on claim new blog. See image:

·         Fill the blog info like rss feed URL, Facebook, G+, twitter info then press Claim.

 technorati claim new blog

·         Now the real process start. 

Technorati will not verify you quickly. For that you have to wait and post your unique Technorati Authorization token to your blog rss feed.  

For that post any new article and put the Token in that.

My Technorati Token is:  2KW49NU6NR8C

·         Finally click on verify claim token.

·         After few hours you will get message of successful verification.

Before verification it will look like this:

technorati varification

After Verification it will look like this: 

technorati claimed blogs

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  1. Surminga says:

    Great article, I have been waiting for some time for Technorati to verify one of Blogs. My feedburner account was not working therefore changed to the simple WordPress feed URL and hoping this has resolved this issue

  2. thanks for your post,i have tried many times to get approved from Technorati and even added the given code in my post but in vain,kindly have some suggestion for quick approval,thanks.

    • Man. 🙂 Are you kidding me? I really takes second to approve. Try the procedure in the post. If any issue feel free to ask me.

      • hy i am not kidding i have applied in November last year and following message was displayed,(you can check my robots.txt file)
        Technorati’s crawler access is explicitly blocked by your robots.txt file. Please grant access to TechnoratiBot. For more information about Robots.txt, please see

  3. Hello Tushar !! This was really a great article , something I was waiting for a while. I have a question – How much will technorti help in increasing and improving the seo of my blog and will this way also work for normal HTML and PHP sites?

    Waiting for you answers,

  4. Thanks for the SEO..
    That is worthy,

  5. Hi Tushar, you have posted great information here. Now I will check the functions of Technorati. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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