Review of school management software Fedena – An Indian start-up

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School management software packages are becoming quite popular nowadays! Indeed, the reason is the overwhelming effect of technology in different sections of our day-to-day life. However, due to the presence of hundreds of solutions for the management of educational institution, the selection process of a school ERP has become an extremely hard task. In addition,…

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Calling All Techies! Show Your Expertise on Tech Based Reality Show

Always dreamt of the chance to solve business challenges faced by some of the largest enterprises in India and North America? Well here’s your chance. One of the world’s most prominent providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, Capgemini, will be opening up the second season of Capgemini Super Techies Show to North American participants.…

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How to print directly from the Android phone

If you have a Mobile Device running on Google Android, the device will be not only serving you as a Mobile communicator but also helping you to do a lot of various activities which in turn increases your productivity. The reason is simply the large number of Apps available in Google Play to be available.…

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Physical storage vs Digital document storage techniques

Storage media techniques have been revolutionized in recent decade. Storage is a process of getting backups of files and documents for future usage. Document storage is generally referred as document management, which is a process wherein we collect and save data in form of information for future reference. Information could be of any form which…

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Why is it better to read eBooks? | Environmental friendly books

Reading books still remain one of the hobbies of a lot of people. This is despite the fact that there are now many gadgets that can steal their attention. As you know, there are already 1 billion users of smartphones all over the world. But then again, millions of people are still hooked up to…

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How to make your existing PC to run on Windows 8 smoothly

I t’s almost one month after the elegant launch of the most anticipated Operating System from Microsoft, the brand new Windows 8. Amazingly, the OS has grabbed the notice of technology world through its brand new Modern UI and multi-platform support which makes the OS to be running on both Mobile Devices and Tablet PC’s…

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