Controlling Your TV Using the Various Gadgets

How would you feel if you could control the TV in every way using your phone or tablet? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It is not a dream anymore. You can actually connect your TV to any one of your gadgets and control it. Now, if you have forgotten to switch of the TV and entered your room, you need not worry. Just switch it off using your gadgets. Is this making you curious and, you wish to know how you can actually do it?

control TV from the gadget

The Wi-Fi Connectivity

The modern digitized version of the TV contains the Wi-Fi domain. Connect your gadget’s Wi-Fi to the same network as your TV’s Wi-Fi. Once it gets connected to that network, you can download the application for your phone. There is a different application per OS. If you have an android based phone or the iPhone, you need to find the application that best supports your phone. Once the application is downloaded, you can open it and there you go, your gadget is now your TV’s remote control. This application can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, whichever is preferred by you. Of course, with Wi-Fi the range is limited, so you really cannot control your TV from outside this range. You can still schedule your programs without being able to control it. If your TV is Bluetooth enabled, you can connect your phone to the TV using the Bluetooth. The range is still limited!

The Hardware Solution

There’s another way to control your TV. If you don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity to your Digitized TV, don’t be disheartened. This is one way of controlling your TV. The other way is by inserting a hardware tool and, getting to control your TV. Figure out if your phone or tablet can be enabled using an external hardware device. Once you get to know this, your next step would be getting that hardware. The device hardware that is being talked about here is the L5 Remote. This works with the iPhone or iPad only. The reason being that this remote can be operated using the application present in these gadgets! You would have to research a bit and, find out the remotes that can be used by an android or blackberry phones. Once you have figured that one out, you can connect the remote and download the necessary application. This application along with your remote would be successful in tuning the TV to your music.

How to connect?

Once you have downloaded the application, you need to check the application in the “my devices” bar.  You need to then get the television code from the manual of your cell phone. This is very simple process and also applicable to the projectors which can be use in the presentations. You need to press the menu button on the TV. Go on and select the TV remote option. Enter the programming code using your cell phone and say OK. There your cell phone is officially the remote control.

So, with this latest gadget in tune, you can control your TV from any corner of the house.

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