How to add and share your Adsense account with many users safely

You can share your Adsense account with many users. This function from Google is still under beta version. This feature is just like Google’s other product, as in Google analytics you can add multiple users to share your website statistic, manage things there etc. Same as that you can add multiple users in Google Adsense account…

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OLX: Best way to advertise your products online for free

olx logo

Online shopping concept is now spreading from cities to villages. With the help of online shopping we can shop online from home without actually going to the shop. Olx India is the best solution to make free classified advertisement of your products and services. With the help of that you can buy and sell products…

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Building a new desktop rig on a budget – A guide

The idea of building your own desktop computer can be daunting: not only do you have to have the technical expertise to put it together, but you may think building a rig that’s not just functional, but also powerful, means having to fork over thousands: this is simply not the case. Building your own new…

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Should I get myself a nexus 7? A best tablet from Google

Everyone is talking about the Nexus 7, the latest Android tablet and the first gadget to feature Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. We already discussed the procedure to order Google Nexus 7 tab online. Should I Get Myself a Nexus 7? To be fair, we’re all talking about this tablet for good reason; it’s got some…

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How to pre book ICS Android 4.0 based Penta TPAD 701C tablet

Pantel Technologies recently launched a cheap and latest tablet TPAD 701C. This Tablet is working on most famous android operating system 4.0.3 Ice cream sandwich. It is based on the High end mobile technology and available at unbelievable price over internet. As from the previous failure in the latest Aakash 2 tablet- also known as ubislate…

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Penta T-PAD 701C Tablet: best alternative to Aakash tablet (Specifications)

Pantel Technologies launches new cheap android 4.0.3 based tablet named T-PAD 701C. We recently published article about how to pre book BSNL Penta TPAD 701C. This tablet is latest creation from Patel technologies. You can check our previous post about the old about all things that you should know about BSNL Penta TPAD 701RBut there…

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