4G vs. 5G: From One Generation to the Next

Progress is a natural thing. It is a process that shows how something could get from one level to another and how everything is changing and improving. Well it might not always be viewed as improvement, as it might all depend on the perspective of the people involved. However, it can also be argued convincingly that progress is inevitable and that it is going to transpire no matter what.

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Perhaps one of the best representations of progress in today’s world is the field of technology. If you want to witness what real progress is all about, then all you need to do is to take notice of the developments being made in technology. Even though technology is such a big and all-encompassing word, you could take a look at just some of the more prominent aspects of technology that is making considerable progress.

The Internet is most likely to be the best candidate if you want a sample of the progress that technology has so far made. And what an example it is. With its progress going on at such a frenetic pace, it can almost be too difficult to ascertain the degree of progress that’s being made. Or so some of us might think, but the Internet is reaching more and more people because of it. Visit the iinet mobile broadband page to find out how you can get a better package today.

As the Internet is mostly about the quality of connection that users use – or at least that is what they are most concerned about – then there is a strong likelihood of being concerned with the latest generation of mobile phone technology. That is represented by 4G and then there’s also the next generation – 5G.

5G: So What about the Next Generation?

Let us now talk about 4G versus 5G. Understandably, there would be some who would not be so warm to the idea of pitting the two systems against each other. The point of their contention is probably the fact that it is really difficult to ascertain what would happen if you pit an existing – also considered to be the latest at the moment – technology against something that has yet to be fully realized or developed.

Even as the 4G or the fourth generation in mobile phone technology is still not as widely used as the second and third generation in mobile phone technology (2G and 3G) or as widespread, we find that the next generation is already being talked about. Is it really right to start talking about 5G right now even though it is still in its earliest stage?

The question of whether it is already reasonable to speculate 5G even though some are saying that the earliest we could expect to make full use of it is in 2020. That’s still a few years away, and so many things could happen before, so many developments are likely to happen in technology, particularly when it relates to the Internet. By the time it becomes available, 5G should allow for even faster speeds than what is available via 3G and 4G right now. 5G is also expected to be more battery friendly as it saves more power.


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