Why and How: Google Authorship in just 12 hours for your website

Google Authorship is author information that appears in Google SERP- Search engine result page. The information consists of author full name, Author’s image and sometimes Google + circle information. The primary aim to display the author information in SERP is to help the users to discover great content over dozens of reputed search result. It really a good way to make your content reputed and increase your reputation in the search result. Likewise we already posted the tutorial how to implement the Breadcrumb in Google search result.

Example of Google authorship:

how to google authorship

Matt Cutt’s blog

 Why Google Authorship?

Though the primary goal behind the Google authorship is to help the users to discover great content, there are many other advantages of Google Authorship. From my personal experience after implementing Google Authorship on my website says huge increase in many points and those are:

·         Increase CTR

·         Increase Google + circles

·         Increase reputation

·         Verify that you are original author

·         Increase social media sharing

·         Great look in Search result page

·         Ultimately increase in traffic

How to implement the Google Authorship on your website in just 1 minute:

Procedure is simple as compared to this and this shared by labnol. Even you don’t need to edit any code in the tutorial.

Things you will require for it:

·         A Google + profile.

·         Website on which you want to implement.

Step 1:

Go to your Google + profile and login: https://plus.google.com

google authorship

Add your site URL

Click on edit profile button and then click on contributor to link from right side. In that add your website URL like I did in the above image. Make sure that you set the permission as public.

Step 2:

Go to this URL: http://goo.gl/dBTxq

And fill the form with correct details.

Update: This step is no more required. You can skip it as the Google removed the form. 

Step 3:

Note down (Copy) your Google plus profile ID by clicking your name after login into your G+ profile . See the image below to make the doubt clear.

Google authorship profile

Copy Your profile ID

 Step 4:

Now insert your profile ID in the following code:


<a rel="author" href="https://profiles.google.com/YOUR_PROFILE_ID_HERE">

<img src="http://ssl.gstatic.com/images/icons/gplus-32.png" width="32" height="32">



Put in the in place of “YOUR_PROFILE_ID_HERE

Final Step:

Copy the above code to all your website pages for which you want to implement Google authorship (rel=”author”). This is very simple in case of WordPress, as put it in sidebar or footer as Text Widget. If you are non WordPress users then you can put this code into your footer or header. If you want to change the image then change the image source in the code (Not that image which will appear in the Google SERP- It will be same as your profile image).

Verification Step:

 After putting the code and doing all the steps you can check the authorship preview instantly.

Here is the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool:


Which we already used for checking the breadcrumbs, remember? Put your site URL there and press Preview. You can see the following image if you done everything correctly. 

google authorship preview

See the preview

It will take 12-24 hours to get updated in the Google search, even sometimes few days too. And ultimately it will look in the Google search like this:

Google my authorship preview

It will look like this

 So in this way you can implement Google authorship on your website. If you have any problem in any step of the tutorial please feel free to ask me by comment.

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  1. already done that and rich snippet also showing that authorship verified but no photo in search results why?

    • You have some problems. Even in that preview tool showing 4 times your liked profile. I think you are doing something wrong way. remove all the methods and use only which I mentioned here.

  2. veeshaal says:

    now i have enabled only your method but still no success why?

  3. Looks like the google authorship form is not working 🙁

  4. I am new in blogging so my site authorship is very necessary and by taking your great ideas i will build authorship and thanks for explaining step by step 🙂

  5. Big Thanks for the tutorial !! I have implemented this so lets wait for the best !! cheers !!

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