5 Things to do immediately after installing Kaspersky Internet Security

The Kaspersky is top rated antivirus and it is globally most demanded. This all credit goes to some unique and excellent features offered by Kaspersky Lab in this product.

kaspersky internet security 2012

When we install Kaspersky to computer by default it set some settings which should changed to get better performance and it can fulfill to our requirement. Such as disable unnecessary and automatic scans, automatic hourly updates, deletion of files without asking our permission, restrict useful applications unnecessarily and scan then each time when it launches etc. There are many more reason that we have to make some settings which will be important for more reliable performance.

5 Things to do after installing Kaspersky:

1)      Disable automatic files deletion:

When Kaspersky detects any virus or any infected fie by default it deleted automatically without asking any permission from user. This could be dangerous if the file is good and uninfected one. This is because some software detects as a virus by antivirus programs which they actually not. So selcect this option to avoid this.

Uncheck the option “Select action automatically” under the general setting tab.

things to do immedialty after installing kaspersky

Select action automatically

2)      Disable Rootkit and Ideal system scan:

To do it, see this post.

How to disable Automatic Rootkit Scan in Kaspersky Internet Security

3)      Scanning removable Drive manually :

When we connect any external flash drive the Kaspersky will start scan automatically irrespective of the device connects again and again. It will be better if it ask you whether scan the drive or not instead automatically.

This can be done by selecting the “ask for option” under Scan setting—General setting.

4)      Disable Automatic updates and make it by schedule:

As Kaspersky will take updates hourly so it will be waste of your internet bandwidth. And if internet disconnected it shows error message, so to avoid this all it is better to make update schedule by every 1 month. I mean we will manually update it when we possible. But if we completely turn off the automatic update then it will show error message. Hence here is tweak to avoid that error.

To do it go to update setting and run mode and select updates by schedule –Every month.

See image.

5)      Copy updates to folder:

This is very important option. Suppose you format your system and reinstall OS then install the Kaspersky antivirus program, so in this case you need to update the program again from beginning. If you have poor internet connecting then it will be very time consuming task as the complete updates are more than 90MB and updating speed is very slow. To avoid this we can save updates and restore it to newly formatted OC

See this post to do it:

How To update Kaspersky Internet Security & AntiVirus  Offline and Manually

If you know any important and useful setting then please let me know by commenting on this post.

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  1. Kaspersky is horrible anti virus software. Why should you have to do 5 things after installing it? That is if you can even get it installed.

  2. Mike Hutchko says:

    I read that in order to properly install Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 I MUST uninstall 2012 version first or it won’t install properly. I’ve been getting an error message every time after I download and it’s about 95% through installation. I’m running Windows XP and I’m worried that if I uninstall 2012 (downloaded – so no CD) then if 2013 doesn’t load – I’m basically out of ANY internet security program totally. Is that the case or not?

    • Hi,

      there might be any issue in your current XP files so that you are getting error.
      I cant figure out it, You can try a fresh installation of XP.


  3. krishna says:

    That”s a nice method to solve this problem

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