Why You Need Endpoint Security in Addition to Network Security

Need Endpoint Security

When you want to avoid having malware infect your network, which can lead to time-consuming and costly mitigation processes, conventional wisdom says that you need to install antivirus protection. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who uses any type of computer these days without at least minimal protection against harmful viruses…

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Finding a solution to the problem of cold callers

calling on a phone

Few people would deny the benefits of being able to be available at the end of the phone, whether for the purposes of keeping in touch with loved ones or being able to deal with companies or conduct business dealings with ease. But being so readily contactable has become an avenue that has become increasingly…

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Should You Buy Mobile Phones Online or Offline

online or offline phone

To understand the impeccable effect that eCommerce world has made in our everyday life in previous decade, what you have to do is a survey among your friends or relatives regarding their method of buying products! You could understand that most of the society now depends upon eCommerce websites, unless they follow traditional ways of…

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5 Reason Why Unlimited Internet is a Good Idea

unlimited internet

There was a time that the concept of unlimited data allowances was baffling and download unnecessary, and quite frankly, that time was not too long ago. However, the internet has become exponentially more advanced at a rate that very few could have predicted, and it’s quickly getting to the point where it’s the center of…

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Tips to choose Best Mobile Broadband Plan

mobile broadband

In spite of the fact that several methods are available for internet access, such as broadband connection, Fiber-based connections and so on, mobile broadband seem to be suitable for the pivotal position. There are several reasons for the popularity of mobile broadband connections, but the main reason is indeed the portability of this method, which…

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Are you safe? 4 Ways to ensure a secure broadband connection

secure broadband connectionn

In this country, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. According to the FTC, it affects more than 9 million Americans per year. One of the most common ways that criminals gain access to your sensitive information is by tracking your web history through unsecured broadband connections. With this in mind, it’s in…

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