Selecting a Good WordPress eCommerce Plugin

wordpress plugins for ecommerce websites

WordPress is a simple and easy way to set up a website. The platform has a huge range of features for customers, and most of them are free. For small-business owners, this is great as they can set up their websites quickly, for the cheapest amount possible and still end up with a relatively unique…

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Optimize WordPress comments on old pages to speedup you blog

There are quite many of the issues with the sites when you are operating one and one of the major issues with them is that they often lack in performance. Like when you start or open your site and it takes time to open or load then the processing of the site is going slow.…

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Take 2 minutes to enable Breadcrumb for your WordPress website in Google SERP

  Breadcrumbs are nothing but the navigation links. We already discussed a topic procedure to add Breadcrumb (page navigation) to alltuts theme WordPress. But in that article we saw how to add breadcrumbs just for displaying the complete path of the post on your website pages, not in search engines. In this tutorial we will…

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4 Ways: How to protect wp-config.php of your WordPress from hackers- simplified

WordPress is now the most using CMS all over world. So obviously the WordPress hackers are increased. This post will guide you to protect your WordPress from those hackers who interested to target your main security file named wp-config.php. We will see the different methods to protect wp-config.php file. Image Rights reserved at respected owner.…

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Simplest way to move your wp-config.php file to another location in WordPress for security

Protecting your WordPress website from hackers is very essential in day to day world because hackers are increasing now. Thousands of WordPress blogs get hacked daily due to poor security and hosting company issues. Img: credit What is wp-config.php?   WordPress is just an operating system very similar our famous window operating system. As in…

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Why I blacklisted in the Akismet Database and How I Recover my email and URL from that

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that help you to automatically check the comments and trackbacks for spam and add them to spam list. In this post I am going to share my own experience of getting blacklisted by Akismet and reverting backs my penalty. How akismet detects spam and works exactly? The akismet has large…

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