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Tushar Thakur

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I am Tushar Thakur, owner of Xtendedview and an engineering pass out student with an interest in electronics and Blogging.

I like to work behind the scenes and generate as much output as I can. My main interests are WordPress, search engine optimization, microcontroller programming and embedded systems.  I have been blogging part time for some years now, and am interested in the technical aspects of blogging and also in Search Engine optimization and Digital marketing.

How journey started?

Like many people, my participation in the blogging community involved a steep learning curve. When I started, Adsense meant nothing to me and I was unconvinced regarding the benefits of monetizing blogs.  That attitude rapidly changed when a friend showed me his results. Also, like many people, I have suffered through the Google Panda update, and have since learned how to create and publish solid unique content.

Content truly is king, and all new bloggers should take whatever steps are necessary to create fresh and unique content. Although English is not my native language, I still succeed in generating high quality articles for my website. This is an essential component of any successful website or blog.

I have also been carrying out a number of tests on alternative web technologies and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, much of which I am able to pass on to my readers and followers on these pages.

During the engineering (Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation in Mumbai University) I started the activity called blogging.

This part time activity called blogging changed the way of my living. I was topper in the class on BE from 1st year to 3rd year. (Guess what’s wrong in last year? ) My classmates were busy in studying and get distinction in the last year to get selected in top MNCs. But I can not concentrate on study like previous due to blogging. I was loving it and I tend to do what I love. Fortunately I got good marks in the last year too but I never thought about doing job for someone because blogging teach me entrepreneurship. It’s like once you feel it you will never go and look for any job I am sure.
I was working in front of my computer for 14+ hours daily and my parents started shouting me for hunting job like other. Every person I met that time ask me about my job. I use to say like I am planning for some advance study and studying for the entrance for same. But actually I am doing blogging.
I know we should not consider income figure for success of blogging but still that matters a lot to me. One day came at which I started making money which is 10 times more than any best possible job that my friend doing that date.So I decided lets stop thinking about what other will think about you and do what you love (You will not get second chance to live the life).

I am still doing it. Apart from blogging I do Internet marketing which is also very interesting stuff for me. I hope God will give me power to survive in this changing Internet world and let me do what I love to.

Technology and Internet Marketing Blog

Here at Xtendedview, our fundamental purpose is to offer unique and useful articles of high quality to our visitors. One of my major personal objectives is to ensure that my readers do not repeat my own mistakes.

Xtendedview primarily focuses on blogging, technology, useful gadgets, making money online and tutorials on the day-to-day use of modern technology. We also focus on how to monetize your blogs because that is a significant factor for many bloggers. Most would prefer that their blog was at least self-funding in terms of maintenance and web hosting services, even if it has not been designed for profit.

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