How to change operating system name in Windows

Now-a-days, there are very less chances of one Operating System being installed on a Computer. Because multi-boot offers the functionality to boot more than one Operating System on  a Computer. Ultimately, we are Microsoft fans and Windows OS is in our blood. Undoubtedly, Windows OS is the one which is installed on almost every Computer because it’s handy to use. Apart from that, we have several other Operating Systems available to use. So, keeping Windows OS as the primary OS, we can install and use any other Operating System with the help of Multi-booting.

But, what if, anyone install “Windows 7 32 Bit” and “Windows 7 64 Bit” Operating Systems on a same Computer, will there be any problem at the time of selecting OS (multi-boot)? Of course, there will be a big problem since both versions are simply listed as Windows 7. In Windows Boot manager, there is no way to differentiate 32-Bit version and 64-Bit version. So, how to identify both the differently? For that, I have a trick and today I will share that amazing trick with you guys!

Let’s start

At the best, we can change the Operating System name in the Windows Boot manager with the help of elevated command prompt. Continuing, you can follow the below tutorial to do so.

1. Open a command prompt under the Administrator privileges.

2. In the open command prompt, type bcdedit and hit enter.


3. Now, to change the Operating System name type the following command in the elevated command prompt.

  • bcdedit /set {identifier} Description “your specified name”

For Example: I have only one OS installed on my Computer is Windows 7 and I want to change its name then I will type below command:

  • bcdedit /set {current} Description “Windows 7 64-Bit”

Screenshot_2In the above code, {current} refers to identifier and Windows 7 64-Bit refers to Description.

4. Again, type bcdedit in the elevated command prompt and hit enter. You can verify that the Operating System name is changed successfully.

Screenshot_35. When you restart your Computer, your specified Operating System will be listed in Windows Boot manager.

Hence, you can easily distinguish different version of same Operating System. I hope you find this guide useful. In case, if you face any issue while performing any of the step then do report us in the below comments box! Enjoy the trick and don’t forget to share with others also.

Easy method:

You can install software Easy BCD Edit and can do the change very easily.

final easy bcd edit

Don’t ask why to change name. J its fun to play along the computers.

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