How to improve battery life of Android phone


Improving battery life of Android devices has always been, and still is, the foremost question of Android Smartphone owners! Since you are not able to restrain yourself from using Smartphone, the possible method you can choose is to follow some tips to improve battery life of Android devices. So, here is your guide on, how…

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8 Best file manager apps for Android

file manager apps

One strong reason behind why people are switching to the Android Operating System is “App Ecosystem”. The Android powered Smartphones support number of applications, which you will hardly see in any of the devices. Of course, there is one official destination from where you can download million of applications on your Android Smartphone for free…

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How to factory reset android phone when it is locked

06-10-2013 10-27-48 PM

There is no room for discussion regarding either the smartness or productivity of Google Android, as most of Android device users are well known about the fact! Indeed, Android is a prominent reason for Smartphones to become ‘Smart’phones. The biggest problem we have seen in Android devices is the pathetic situation when it is locked…

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New Android 4.4 version: KitKat is on the way


The whole tech world, including various rumour mills, was waiting for Google Android Key Lime Pie, which was expected to be the upcoming version of the open-sourced but Google-powered Mobile Operating system. Nevertheless, Google Inc has simply fooled you, by placing the statue of Android KitKat just before Google Head Quarters. Yes you heard us…

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How to run Android applications on MAC

As far as today, having an Apple product is something legendary, especially in some rural areas or World. When the device is either a MacBook or any Macintosh based device, extend of legendary simply increases. There’s no second reason for the feeling because no manufacturer is providing that much exclusive features including iCloud, iTunes etc.…

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6 Best free antivirus for android phone

Some days ago, we had posted about the necessity of Antivirus software in your Android device and had concluded that Android devices actually don’t need Antivirus if you are not installing Applications or downloading files from illegal and unofficial sources. But we’re taking our word back because a large number of cyber-attacks have been reported…

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