Solutions: Gmail retired the sender’s time zone from Labs – alternatives

Google announced and added exiting feature to Gmail lab named sender’s time zone on 9th April 2009. This feature allows you to view the time zone of email sender irrespective of what he used to send email, I mean may be web based client such as Gmail of computer based email client such as Outlook,…

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SEO for websites in their nascent stage

SEO for Websites: The objective of any website is to rank high on Google and SEO is indispensable for the same.  One must comprehend with the fact that the visibility of a website has a domino- effect on one’s business. As a beginner, one must not rush but endeavorto move steadily.  Bombarding your website with…

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How to add and share your Adsense account with many users safely

You can share your Adsense account with many users. This function from Google is still under beta version. This feature is just like Google’s other product, as in Google analytics you can add multiple users to share your website statistic, manage things there etc. Same as that you can add multiple users in Google Adsense account…

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Should I get myself a nexus 7? A best tablet from Google

Everyone is talking about the Nexus 7, the latest Android tablet and the first gadget to feature Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. We already discussed the procedure to order Google Nexus 7 tab online. Should I Get Myself a Nexus 7? To be fair, we’re all talking about this tablet for good reason; it’s got some…

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How to order Google Nexus 7 tablet online –US, UK, India or any country

Every technology and gadget lover know that Google announces new Nexus 7 Tablet in the Google I/O. This tablet based on the latest version of android 4.1 jelly bean operating system. This is advance version of best OS Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich which we have discussed earlier. We also seen the tutorial to download…

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5 Google Adsense Sandbox Tools to find if ads serving disabled on your website

Are you Google Adsense publishers or advertiser? Then in case of advertisers they should check how compitators ads looking and how to create attractive and keyword targeted ads. In case of publishers they should check what kind of advertisement is displaying on their website and is it ad serving available for particular domain while purchasing…

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