Why I blacklisted in the Akismet Database and How I Recover my email and URL from that

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that help you to automatically check the comments and trackbacks for spam and add them to spam list. In this post I am going to share my own experience of getting blacklisted by Akismet and reverting backs my penalty.

akismet blacklist

How akismet detects spam and works exactly?

The akismet has large number of algorithm and massive database for detecting and knocking out spammers. We can list their different techniques as follows:

  • By Blacklisted IP :

It checks the IP address of commenter and if it is from huge blacklisted IP database then there is algorithm that proceed that comment to another stage of spam testing.

  • By spam phrases and keywords Database:

Akismet has stored large amount sample comment in their database. For example the comments like “Your post is really good, I like it” such content is nothing but spam.

  • Automated software and script users:

This is the one of most important detection method because there are many algorithms that can generate a comment which is relevant to the post topic and it cannot be detected by simple anti spam database.

How my Email, Name and website Got Blacklist in Akismet:

I don’t know the exact reason behind it but from very long time had being using a Firefox add-on name: “easy Comment Firefox Extension”. This extension use to fill the comments form on just one click. Like that you just need to save you name, email and website in it, even you can save the message that you want to put quickly in the comment field on other websites or blogs. This is the reason of blacklisted.

What happened after being blacklisted and how I find it?

When I got blacklisted in the akismet database one thing happened. When I try to post any comment on any website or bog using my name, email and website address then there is no message appears saying “Your comment is awaiting for moderation” instead of that I just redirected to same page top. Them I checked by commenting a non spam comment on my another WordPress website. I found the fact that my all comments are simply going into the spam queue by Akismet. I really frustrated about what to do?

Disadvantages of being blacklisted in Akismet:

That most important disadvantage is that you can’t comment on any blog or website. So your doubt will not going to clear. Another one is that you cannot create backlinks by commenting on other’s site.

How to get un-blacklisted from Akismet?

Akismet customer support is great. They reply to your email just within few hours.

To remove your name, email and website URL from the akismet blacklist you need to open a support request on their website. See following:

How to un blacklist from akismet

Go HERE Contact Akismet and write the required details like name, email, URL and Akismet key(If you are using Akismet plugin for your site then use the key)

My sample request: (You can use this as it is)

I have strange issue with my email ID and my site url.

When I comment on any site using my email and website url that comment
automatically marked as spam. Even I reply anyone on my site it also
marked as spam in akismet.

Please un blacklist my URl and Email.

Hope to get positive reply

After few hours I got this email from: Re: [akismet-pre-sales] Contact form

 “Hi, Sorry for that - I believe it is fixed for you now.”  

And I checked, now everything is fine. I can comment like previous. Thanks to Akismet.

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  1. This same thing happened awhile for my email and website as well but I was not spamming as you have used extension. But got blacklisted. Upon contacting Akismet, they told me they are going to do something but never. Since then, I have stopped commenting since it is not for link juices alone why I reply to posts.. 🙂 Thanks for the info

    • for your info this comment is also in my spam list automatically by akismet.. I think you still facing same problem.. I manually un spam this post.. 🙂

  2. Hi Tushar,

    I think I just got blacklisted by akismet 🙁 Can you please check if this went to your spam? Thanks, will really appreciate if you can let me know.

  3. I recently found out that I may have been blacklisted by Akismet. I’m not sure why or when it happened. I don’t post comments often, but when I do, I leave legitimate comments and info (name, email, URL). It’s become quite a hassle. Now, I cannot comment on some of my favorite blogs because of this.

  4. I Contacted Akismet but they did not solve the problem .What should i do now?

  5. Hi, I’m also testing to see if this comment ends up in your Spam folder…

  6. Thank you! Tried your tip with one of my websites. I checked by commenting on my friend’s WordPress website with Akismet. He found that my comments are simply erased (even not going into the spam or trash). I asked him to turn-off Akismet temporary and tried to post a new comment and that was fine. Now I’m waiting for reply from support 🙂

    • If your comment is getting trash without getting into spam then the web-owner on which you are commenting might have selected delete spam comment from Akismet setting or if he not then there must be another problem with his comment handling server.

  7. Tushar thanks for the manual process. Here is one suggestion for users that while commenting do not use any proxy since akismet treat it as spamming. I read on a blog 🙂

    • Ya and also don’t comment just to grab backlinks, Low quality comments are main source of you can get spam in the akismet.

  8. One of my sites / domains appears to have entered the Akismet blacklist. A shame. I never spam either, but the domain does have the letters S, E and X in it (it is a business site for Essex, England) and I think that may mean I will never again be able to comment on blogs.

    Not even my own blog!

  9. Hi. This is a test comment to see if I am getting blacklisted. If so please help me figure out what I can do. Dad is too busy to help me.

    I will post another positive comment changing my email to something else.

  10. I am SO glad to learn of this blog!

  11. Thank you for this post. I already contact Akismet for the same trouble. Hope it has been resolved soon.


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