Advantages of internet TV providers over usual cable TV providers

How many of you don’t watch TV? Well, every one of you do. That’s a very crucial part of our life and we can’t simply ignore it. Not only for entertaining purposes, there are so many reasons you may have to watch TV. For educative purpose, or to keep updated with what’s going on around the world. It’s the simplest yet the best gateway of us connecting to the world. Any disagreement on this statement?

A research shows, the Americans spend more than 34 hours watching television per week during the second quarter of 2012. This is according to Nielsen; this firm monitors consumer behaviors and helps picking out the best products for you.

TVs, as we know and see it, has been around us for years and there have been revolutionary changes to this technology. They used to have awkwardly shaped CRT tubes, and now they even fit your wall without any odd shapes. Technologies have been seen in the receiving technology as well, cable TV was called the latest technology a few years ago but the scenario is a bit different now. We now have internet TV, and this question arises ‘Internet TV or Cable TV’?

Well, you now really need to weight your options. Because the way the TVs are changing, soon you will be in a great dilemma. We have sorted out some basic functionalities of these both technologies, go through them and it will be easier for you to decide we hope.

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The channel surfers definitely do love having many channels in their TVs. These people might be interested in knowing what offers are there for them, if the features in the internet TV outrun the ones in traditional cable TVs. Will only having more channels make them happier?

If you want to have too many channels and ready to pay for them as well, then it’s ok if you stick to cable TV. But if you want to watch lots of channels but pay only for some particular ones then you might want to pick internet TV. In satellite TV, you pay for channels that you will never watch but in internet TV, you are only paying for the ones you watch. No waste of money maybe?

But the downside is, you have to choose the programs manually. Go to every place in the internet and subscribe for the programs you want to watch. That might be one hectic job.

Both satellite and internet TV channels offer almost similar programming options.


In cable TV, your reception quality is not ensured. Yes, with everything properly set we can expect to receive finest reception. But Mother Nature’s wrath or many other situation can influence the reception and you can encounter noisy picture quality even on today’s high definition televisions.  Even if a pole nearby your home goes down, your cable reception may go down too. So that’s all dependent how Mother Nature puts her blessings on you.

But in internet television, you won’t suffer for natural disasters or any change in your surroundings. Internet TV depends mainly on your connection speed, if you don’t have good speed then you will suffer from slow buffering.

Availability and Equipments

Cable TV is actually available worldwide. According to USA’s National Cable and Telecommunication Association, 93% of the US citizens are privileged with cable TV.

Internet TV is popular too but there’s a concern about internet speed.

And whatever you choose cable or internet TV, you need to have some equipment. You know what the satellite dishes are, the round dish like thing with a pointing stick in the middle facing towards the sky. And a set top box inside your home which is the receiver. This is the typical cable TV setup. And for internet TV, you need an internet connection with good speed.

Speaking of equipment, there’s a good offer for you if you live in the UK. Sky Digital Box is offering you some really cool offers if you want to subscribe to satellite cable TV.

Wrap Up

So considering all the aspects, you should make a careful choice. If you are new technology enthusiast then internet TV might be good for you, but also keep the infrastructure things in mind. Happy TV watching!

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