3 Easy ways to save battery on your Android

If you own a high or mid-end Android device and are a heavy app user, you must be frustrated that your handset always runs out of fuel.  This is one of the most common issue faces by all Android users. It doesn’t mean Android is most Battery hungry operating systems and all; rather it handles battery most efficiently as possible. But we people always exited to run lots of applications on the mobile, most of them are created to synchronize the information over internet with their server continuously. Internet consumes lots of Battery. Almost all modern android phones have large tough screen, so that is the first reason for low battery life as compared to other mobile phone in the market. You might even be lucky if you can make your battery last through the day, as most Android users would have to recharge nightly. In this article we explore ways to save battery on your Android phone.

Android battery info

Android battery info

Unfortunately, with the current desires of the masses today, a compromise has to be reached when it comes to creating smartphones. If your old feature phone could last many days without a battery, don’t expect the same from your Android. Thinner designs mean less room for batteries. Brighter and larger displays, GPS radios, WiFi, LTE or 3G, and faster quad-core or dual core processors also mean more battery drain. One basic thing to save your battery life is keep your screen brightness as low as possible.

Good thing, you could do many things to extend your phone’s battery life.  Try these, and see if you can get more juice out of your Android device:

#1: Check the Battery-usage screen and weed out what you don’t need

Android has a built-in display to show you what exactly is draining your battery the most.  Head on to Settings, then move over to About Phone, then Battery. On the screen, you’d see apps or activities that kill your battery life.  You can’t do much about voice calls, especially if you’re using VoIP service frequently. But you can use your common sense to fix the biggest offender; for instance, you can adjust the back-light on your device.

save battery on android

Android battery usage

You will also be able to see from this screen which apps are constantly running in the background.  These apps take up memory and are a big drain on your battery.  Uninstall those you hardly use or download a task manager app to make the weeding out easier for you.

#2: Turn off or limit use of other battery drainers

Some phones have a power-saving option that lets you customize the features you can turn off instantly.  If it doesn’t have one, you can just manually select which ones to turn off. For example, cut your Wi-Fi connection if you’re not using it. Then there’s also GPS and Bluetooth.  You’ll be surprised to see how much battery you can save.

You can also limit the use of location services.  Is it really essential that you check-in at every establishment you visit?  And consider making do without a lot of screen widgets and live wallpapers. Simpler is better if you’re thinking about saving on battery life.

#3: Use Battery Saving Apps

Instead of manually selecting which apps and features to turn off, you can also download battery saving apps in the Google Play store. Here are some recommended ones:

  • Go Power Master: it is one of most popular Android application for battery saving. It has many profiles for activating and deactivating your mobile functions.
  • Easy Task Killer – instantly kill off selected apps and software; protect those you want to run; shake your phone to kill apps; check your phone memory
  • JuiceDefender Ultimate – preset and automate power saving functions; schedule regular Synchronization events
  • Battery Indicator Pro – shows your exact battery level and estimated charge/discharge time left.  You’ll always know if your battery is about to run out.
  • WIFI Power Saver – automatically turn off Wi-Fi/wlan when no network is available

Implement all these tips and watch that battery meter last longer than before. Are you using any other tweak to save the battery on your Android? Please feel free to share with us.

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  1. Really useful article Henry, I’ll try these to save my mobile battery. Thanks.

  2. One more i would like to add in tips
    Dont charge the Battery Unless it goes Below 15%, and once kept to charging charge it full. This increases battery life

  3. useful. I will definitely try out the tips of yours…

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