5 Reason Why Unlimited Internet is a Good Idea

There was a time that the concept of unlimited data allowances was baffling and download unnecessary, and quite frankly, that time was not too long ago. However, the internet has become exponentially more advanced at a rate that very few could have predicted, and it’s quickly getting to the point where it’s the center of our private life, and sometimes even our professional one, too. Here are five reasons why unlimited data plans are becoming a worthwhile investment. In order to keep up with today’s standards, a no-limit internet plan is recommended. There are many providers around, for example, you can get unlimited internet from Jiva.

more devicesMore Devices

It used to be that the internet could only be accessed through a desktop computer, and laptops followed relatively soon after that. In the last 10 years smartphones and tablets have really become a thing; as you probably know, almost everyone has some combination of a laptop, desktop and a tablet, and a smartphone on top of that. Tablets and smartphones offer some amazing services, most of which require a Wi-Fi connection to get the most out of.

Digitalized Content

That brings me to the proliferation of digital content. Everything is available over the internet. Music sharing with Napster was revolutionary, but it was just the beginning. It’s now taken for granted that most of the music people listen to is acquired, legally or illegally, over the internet, but increasingly the same thing is being said of videos and videogames. Gamers are finding themselves downloading games from Steam rather than going to the local games store because it’s always easier and almost always cheaper. For the internet literate, computers have essentially replaced television as the main way to keep up with their favorite TV shows.

Family and Friends

If you’re the bill payer of the family or have just moved in with friends, it’s basically a given that you’ll need unlimited internet data. 200 gigabytes may possibly be enough for you, but it’s definitely not enough for you and three friends, or you, your partner and your kids.

Let’s say you’re in a household of four – that’s four people who usually have two or more devices that access the internet. That’ll eat up internet bandwidth at an alarming rate.

simle servicesSimpler Services

Formerly, high bandwidth plans were only needed by those who the layman would consider to be computer experts. You really needed to know what you were doing to get the most out of your internet connection, as downloading music and movies was considered an arduously difficult task to the computer illiterate. However, big companies have cottoned on to the fact that digital distribution is a big market, and have created simple services, like iTunes, so that those who aren’t so tech savvy can still consume media over the internet. And simply put, the easier it is to consume content, the more content will be consumed – the greater the bandwidth requirement.

Future Proofing

As mentioned above, the internet has progressed at a speed much faster than most people would have been able to anticipate. It will likely continue to do so, and services that were previously inconceivable will likely be available to us in the very near future. If you don’t feel like you need unlimited bandwidth now, you will soon.

Make sure you scrutinize different “unlimited” internet plans before committing, as many ISPs market unlimited data but don’t actually provide it.

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