Content Marketing: JustFly Helps Breakdown The Ins and Outs Of Platform Specific Content

The key to any content marketing strategy is deliberation. Every word and every post has to be deliberate. As the voice of your startup, business, or corporation, you have to consider every word out there as part of a chorus, all working in unison to increase your brand awareness and cache with your readers. One way you can ensure that your content sings is to plan for your platform.

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There are numerous platforms out there allowing for a wide range of different content. From long-form essays to memes, there are numerous content styles you can utilize in the right situation. To help make it clear how you should handle various platforms I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency that has found success recently in regards to content marketing. They gave me a rundown on how to best handle content on specific platforms.


According to JustFly’s review, Twitter is the social media equivalent of sticking your head in a door, yelling something, and hoping people follow you to whatever you just promoted. It’s a rallying cry. While it can be used for various reasons, Twitter more often than not is used to get you somewhere else. As the World’s largest content aggregator, Twitter is a stream of headlines, so writing good content for Twitter requires the ability to write good headlines. Good headlines come in many forms, from the listicle, to the question, to mystery, there are many different ways to write a compelling headline. When Twitter isn’t being used to drive traffic elsewhere, it’s all about engagement. Run Twitter polls, incentivize retweets, and share images and videos people will want to show their friends.


A platform that thrives on engagement, Facebook allows you quite a bit more artistic freedom than Twitter according to JustFly. Free of the 140 character limit, Facebook does work in a similar fashion to Twitter, often serving as a bridge to your preferred destination. While sharing content is important on Facebook, it is generally considered by marketers, and users alike, that Facebook is the premiere destination for meaningful communication with customers. With that in mind, Facebook can take on a customer service element, something you need to be prepared for either with customer service training, or staff dedicated to handling this type of interaction.


A very unique platform, LinkedIn is a little bit of everything in regards to who you are addressing. While customers may not choose LinkedIn as a means of communicating, hopeful job candidates will. With that in mind, content needs to be written in such a way as to promote your business as a place where someone may want to work. This can often take the form of case studies, interviews, and “day in the life” type features. JustFly says a strong LinkedIn presence will not only help your content marketing efforts, but could help your team score its next big hire.

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