How to check Your Aakash Tablet Pre Booking Status Online or By Phone

We already discussed about how to Pre book Aakash Tablet online. Suppose you already booked your tab and still not single email or call from Data wind? Then you have to contact them.

How to prebook Aakash Tab

As when we Pre book the Aakash Tablet by this procedure at last stage of registration you will get unique booking number. It is in the format of XYZ*******. Here xyz may be any alphabets and * represents different numbers. So recall your noted number and there are two way to know your Pre Book status. Company said that they are actively producing the tablets. But due to very high demands they cannot provide the Tab to all people immediately.

We got emails from people saying and requesting that how can they buy the Tab immediately so we have found a post about buy Aaksh from Nimbuz store. You can refer it and those people want to know their booking status they please read following steps:

How to find Pre Booking status of Aakash Tab:

         i)  From Website:

Just visit the official website of Aakash tab : you will see this :

(Special thanks to Technology for this info. )

From this you can do it very easily.

         ii) By call:

You can call to data wind on a toll free number: 1800.180.2.180 from India and ask your booking status by telling your unique Booking number or ID.

Another emergency calling number for India is: +91 94172 01700

See this for more options:

        iii) By email:

You can email the company on and send them all queries. You will get your answer.

If you have any difficulty then you are always free to comment here.

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  1. MAC MOHAN says:

    how to buy aakash tablet offline? is it available in any outlet shops? or only online booking

  2. I sent an email to them asking them about the status of my order but they are telling me to pay them in advance the money but that’s not all! I asked them about some technical videos of UBISLATE 7+ but no reply to that and they’re saying to call them up but thats a freak no reply to my call always saying “SORRY YOUR CALL CANNOT BE PROCESSED”
    WTF! see the image & hopefully you could provide me a resolution because I wanted how much time they will consume to process my order I ordered on 23 Jan & delievery was expected to start @ end of month of Jan but now its Mid of feb no answer to that !
    What a poor customer service ! if thats the service they’re providing before the product has been delievered but i wonder what kinda service they’ll provide after the product has been delievered 🙁
    Image Link :

    • Thank you for the information.

    • hey did u get ur device till now…….i too ordered for the tablet n i am also not getting the proper reply from them…so what abt u did u get ur device…now i am tired off by mailing them and asking for the status and about my order but they are not replying properly just once i got an offer to upgrade my tab even i had conformed about my upgrade version but till now they are not replying and now a days am unable to send the mails to them…can u suggest me out….. so any idea,,,,,?

  3. owais khan says:

    how to check pre-booking status

  4. dear sar,
    plz sair
    my aakash tablet booking statush and tablet dispatch statush?

    • Currently the “Check status” is under “coming soon” label. So please wait or follow the phone call procedure.

  5. sir, i have booked ubislate 7+ and i have already sent a DD of rs 2999/- from union bank of india. But they will not inform that wheather the DD is received or not? The number given in the site is not working. What can i do? Please help me.

  6. Datawind & Ubislate is a frode.They will not deliver but given wroung promisses every month to get it the running month end.

  7. M vijayakumar says:

    I booked on May12 and paid it on jun 12.Still there is no response from datawind.I think the datawind is closed for ever,to making customers fool they given somebody is tele no, that to never get and attend.
    datawind is still alive pl do a call on my mbl -9968379450.

  8. rahul pandey says:

    how to check pre-booking status

  9. HARIS RAHIMAN says:

    My name is Haris Rahiman i am from kerala i have already booking akash tablet and make payment in february but not get my tablet , my booking id is – PM52F02023F8, i will complaint more time datawind he reply get tablet soon , but still not get my tablet ,when i get my tablet? or this only cheating ?

  10. HARIS RAHIMAN says:

    My name is Hris Rahimn, i am from kerala i have alredy booking akash tablet and make payment in februay but not get my booking number is – PM52F02023F8, i will complaint more time datawind he replay get tablet soon.but still not get my tablet. when i get my tablet ? or this only cheating ?


  12. Abhijit Sarkar says:

    i am a purchser datawind akesh tab UBSLATE7+ on last year, but i do not immagine that why the govt product is so bad, this product is realy cheating with us.


    • Yes, Now it facing too problem in delivering the products.

      • avijit sarkar says:

        not only that, lots of problem inbuilt on the device
        No..i..ARM problem( set automatic shutdown ane so device will be recover shortly) but i see only 24 hrs device still off and set is so heted.

        No..2..signal problem( i try 2G&3G both the signal problem is still) also suffaring page open.

        so i suggest do’nt purchse akesh product.

  13. Mukesh Kumar says:

    When will i get my tablet,order id is ,pm8b303985f.

  14. Ranjitkarmakar says:

    i was booked one tablet 5 months back but till not get that.Any body knows their number pls tell me.i tried many times one time somebody attend cal and told me within two we will send but after that nobody attending cal.this type cheating website will be closed by govt.

  15. I have already made payment for aakash tablet last month of April. since than there is no replay from datawind co. they have no contact details. all there mails id are bokas. only payment are taken. there no part of delivery. and there no law in our country where we can complain. if we move to court than we have to fight a long battle. so before booking the datawind aakash tablet plz think several times or you will suffer as i am

  16. Sir

    One akas tablet booking my booking past one year
    then no send my tablet i thing this wavsaid is chit fand

  17. i buying for my studies please send me akash tablet

  18. 1500 price mi kab melaga

  19. ranjeet more says:

    I want a Akash tab2 plzz….

  20. ranjeet more says:

    I want a Akash tab2 plzz….how to apply ?

  21. deepak j.kabara says:

    my order is not pls.say with us.

  22. Sir, I have booked a Datawind Tab 7CZ 3G tab online on 24.03.2015 ( Booking ID PM471B5). the tab was not deleverd yet. after several inquiry through mails and phone calls, no response from the personnel. I have lost my 4499/ Rupees through this fraud company.I have asked them to send the money instead but the same was not responding.

    The fraud team includes Mr Punit Bedi,Ajay Kalra, R Kochar, Lata, Bhawana Joshi, Yogesh, Jaswal, Neeraj Pandey, Amarjeet Kaur etc. All the persons are jointly involved in Datawind Scam to fool people through the online marketing network. It is my earnest request to all citizens not to get trapped with these persons or Avoid purchasing Datawind Tab in near future. There are lot of tab available in market with good specification, The low cost of datawind tab have its own risk of fraud as well as device performance.

    If any person wants to know the Details of my foolishness, i can provide all voice correspondence of the concerned persons requesting me to buy(Trap) in this scam and screen shots of my transaction.My Mail-bijayraj at gmail dot com. Mob-09437145810

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