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Nowadays, most of us who use computers demands two things – Security & Speed! The reason is very simple; as we start using Windows PCs, let it be desktops, laptops or hybrid devices, for multiple purposes, we will confront issues with speed of our computers. On the other hand, if you are an active Internet user, who uses web for professional or personal purposes, security issues will accompany your computer in no time. However, managing both these aspects together is sometimes quite tedious. For instance, when we install some anti-virus tools in PC, it leads to slowing-down of PC and vice versa! In this scenario, wouldn’t it be great if you can manage to get both these tools from one developer so that you can take advantage of enhanced security & speed together? One famous software developer, iYogi, has implemented this concept on their brand new solution for PC Security and speed optimization – TechGenie.

Free Antivirus from TechgineAs a much needed respite for all Windows users, TechGenie offers both these solutions – Antivirus and Optimizer – at no cost for one year; you can use this in one PC. Now, in order to understand use of TechGenie and its advantages when you install it on your PC, we will do a review of both free antivirus and free PC optimizer from iYogi. For ease of understanding, we will divide this review in two parts – one for antivirus and other, PC optimizer. Let’s start with TechGenie Free Antivirus.

TechGenie Free Antivirus for Windows PC

As we said earlier, TechGenie Free Antivirus is a complete solution to protect you from several threats, such as from spyware, malware rootkit, online hijacks etc. Now, however, we will have a brief view on all these aspects in order to see what does TechGenie Free Antivirus really offer.

  • Antivirus: As the company itself says, by using TechGenie free antivirus, you can say goodbye to almost every kind of PC viruses. Antivirus part of this tool keeps an eye on all your activities; the tool first detects virus and adware and then eliminates them from your PC to enhance security. Frequent updates of virus definitions assure effectiveness of protection. You can schedule virus scans according to your convenience.
  • Anti-spyware: Do you think someone is spying on your PC/Internet activities? If so, it makes enough sense to use TechGenie Free Antivirus, as its anti-spyware part will offer you multi-layer protection by means of a nice User Interface.
  • Real-time Protection & Browser Protection: Real-time protection part of this free antivirus keeps track of all your PC activities and notifies you when PC is infected or attacked even if you are not scanning. On the other hand, browser protection will ensure that you can safely overcome all kinds of internet-based threats such as malicious websites, hijacking threats, phishing etc, especially when you deal with sensitive data.
  • When you are using TechGenie, you can forget about malicious programs tampering your information.

Apart from all these features, what makes TechGenie Antivirus superb is its enhanced support for Windows 8 PCs, laptops and hybrid devices. This means that you can add a layer of security over your Operating System and, in turn, protect digital data you have stored in your PC. When considering all these aspects along with its extremely simple User Interface, regardless OS, it is quite clear that you should go for TechGenie Free Antivirus if you are looking for utmost security for your Windows PC.

TechGenie Free PC Optimizer

Even though antivirus tools are essentials, most of us install them out of fear of being caught by internet threats. Yet, when it comes to PC optimization, it is everyone’s favorite. Of course, TechGenie Free PC Optimizer can become your favorite in a matter of seconds, as it will have incredible effects in boosting speed of your Windows-based PC and it offers support for Windows 8. Top features of this tool are as follows.

  • Turbo Mode: One of the major reasons for slow-down of PC is applications that keep running in unnecessary situations. This mode will instantly turn off all such applications.
  • Startup Optimizer & Startup Manager: This section is, most probably the most important, especially if you face big loading time for your PC. While startup optimizer will omit unnecessary applications loading from startup, you can customize those applications in the latter option.
  • Disk Optimization: There might be some applications in your PC, which consumes more background resources to run. TechGenie Free PC Optimizer has an in-built disk optimization tool, which will check thoroughly for that particular type of applications. If it finds any of such tools (there will be if your PC is lagging), this tool will turn them off.
  • Internet Optimization: Free PC Optimizer follows some features to enhance browsing speed of your internet connection. It will clear all those obstacles, which interrupt your browsing experience.
  • Registry Cleaner for Deep Effects: Registry cleaner of PC Optimizer will thoroughly scan Windows registry. It will help you rectify all those errors, take back up of registry, and finally use that information to speed up your PC.

Apart from these, this tool has a Security Advisor, which offers suggestions in order to enhance PC security and thus productivity of PC. Just like the previously mentioned tool, TechGenie Free Antivirus, is totally compatible with Windows 8-powered devices. According to our experience, this tool is quite efficient in improving speed of your Windows PC.

Our Verdict

According to our experience, you can install both these tools in your Windows PC, and they will go hand in hand in giving you a revamped PC experience with superb security and speed. Even though PC Optimizer and Antivirus create an awesome nexus when combined, you cannot install both in your Windows PC in free version. On the other hand, you have to purchase TechGenie Absolute, which costs $79.99, to bring security, speed and support together. Now, it is your turn to let us know your opinion about TechGenie Free PC Optimizer and Free Antivirus.

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